General Hospital Check up Week of January 30, 2012

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What’s Steve hiding?

Scott Reeves (Steve, GH)Unfortunately Steve has a big secret he’s trying to hide. Why can’t Steve just be a ‘good’ guy? Does he have to have this tainted secret in his past? And really, does it have to involve a lady doctor who kind of resembles Dr. Lisa Niles? The whole thing is just a bit of a turn off.

I didn’t like Cassandra from the get go. It’s really not clear what her plan or motivation is. But I wonder – is she related to Laura? She certainly looks the part. And it wouldn’t be so far-fetched to wonder if Cassandra could be Laura’s daughter.

Men-O-Pause – have you ever seen a more entertaining way to tell this story? Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) is just terrific as the menopausal Alexis. And she’s playing it very real – the sweating, the short temper, the lack of interest in men – are all very much a part of this dreaded change of life.

What’s the story with Shawn? Is he just interested in Carly because of her new interest in John? And is Carly falling for John or is she just feeling sorry for him? Hope Carly didn’t lose interest in Shawn already. Now that he’s playing dad to TJ and managing Kelly’s, maybe his ‘danger’ appeal is lacking. Carly does like those dangerous men after all.

As much as I miss Megan Ward (ex Kate), I really do enjoy Kelly Sullivan (Kate). That being said, it’s too bad they didn’t explore the vulnerable side of Kate when Ward played the part. It’s nice to see a more human side of this character. And she’s going through some stuff. Anxiety, fear, and depression are nothing to play around with.

In actor news, Rick Springfield (Noah) is returning to ‘General Hospital’ in March!! The news was first reported by Entertainment Weekly. Read more on Springfield’s return here.