General Hospital Check Up - Week of January 27, 2014

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Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, GH)Alexis proves she’s a repeat offender

It’s almost comical the way Alexis is attracted to ‘bad’ men. She’s clearly interested in Julian in spite of who he really is. It just seems so odd that someone as intelligent as Alexis keeps getting her heart wrapped around gangsters. Let’s see – first there was Julian, then Sonny, Ric, Jerry, Shawn, and now Julian (again). And with Ric coming back to town, it should make for an interesting choice in Alexis’ life.

That being said, I don’t blame Alexis for her choices. I mean, come on. All of her men are great looking and smart. They just need to make better career choices.

Speaking of men who need new career choices - Duke won’t give up his job with Sonny for Anna. What does that say about Duke’s devotion to Anna? I understand Duke’s reasons for wanting to rid the world of Julian. But seeing as Duke finally got Anna back, I think he should reconsider. After all, what’s more important in life, really? Duke needs to embrace the fact that he’s back home, free, and with the woman he loves. Forget about Julian and all the mob nonsense. It’s time to grow up. So will Anna stay with Duke, in spite of his career choice?

Ava wasn’t my favorite gal at first but she’s really grown on me. Ava is fearless. She will go up against anyone to get what she wants. I really thought Ava would kill Julian – and I think she will if he makes her angry again. I really believe (as odd as it is) that Ava genuinely loves Morgan.

So Victor - our Cassadine from the past is back in town. And unfortunately with his arrival will come the departure of Robin. I’m not sure how things will go down. But I am sure I won’t like it.

In actor news, we’ve seen the last of Tristan Rogers (Robert), as he is heading back to ‘Young and Restless’ as Colin. Journalist Michael Fairman posted a great interview with Dominic Zamprogna – read it here.