General Hospital Check Up - Week Of January 26, 2009

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Claudia tries to tell the truth as the hospital crisis unfolds


Sarah Brown (Claudia, General Hospital)I’m not sure what Claudia’s plan is but I'm certain she has one.  She deliberately told Anthony that she knows he shot Kate.  Is Claudia planning to use what she knows to get rid of Anthony once and for all?  If Sonny finds out Anthony was Kate’s shooter, he’ll kill Anthony.  That way, Claudia would finally be “saved’ from her father.  The bonus being that Claudia would sort of win Sonny’s trust in the end.  Then the two of them could become the royal mob couple of Port Charles.  A pretty good power play on Claudia’s part.   Lets not forget the man who loses this game either way – Ric.  No matter how things play out, Ric won’t come out the winner.  First, Anthony knows Ric betrayed his confidence by confiding in Claudia.  So, Ric’s days could be numbered.  He realistically could be a walking dead man.  Also, if Claudia ends up winning Sonny’s trust, they could have a future together.  Again, Ric would end up out in the cold, losing Claudia to his brother.  There’s one more roadblock for Claudia – one she isn’t even aware of.   Kate knows the truth about Michael’s shooting.  She’ll do anything to protect Sonny, so it’s pretty likely Kate will share what she knows.  Only problem is she’s unconscious.  Will Kate live long enough to tell Sonny the truth?  I kind of hope not because I’d like to see Sonny and Claudia continue as a couple. 

Do we even know for certain that it was Ian Devlin who shot Michael?  Isn’t it possible that there was another shooter that night?  Maybe his bullet struck Michael.  If that were the case, Jerry and his DVD’s would have no power against Claudia either.  You never know – Claudia could be redeemed on this one.  One last thing – Nikolas.  Claudia still seems a bit nervous since Nikolas knows the truth about Michael’s shooting.   Nikolas could spill all at any moment but something tells me he won’t.  I think there’s a part of Nikolas that likes Claudia and feels sorry for her.  I don’t see Nik being the one who tells all about the shooting.  For one thing, he’s convinced he’s seeing Emily again, so Nik has bigger fish to fry at the moment.

The benefit has me baffled.  Why isn’t anyone dressed up?  Why is it being held in a crummy hospital boardroom?  I don’t understand why the benefit isn’t happening at the Metro Court.  Also, there are hardly any guests – just the usual familiar faces in town.  I remember the days of the Nurse’s Ball where everyone looked fabulous and the crowd was huge.  Even the Black & White Ball gave us tuxedos, formal gowns, and lots of guests.  Lets face it, the reason this benefit is taking place at GH is so all these people can be at risk from the latest “crisis.”  In the grand scheme of things though, it just isn’t logical.  This should have been a huge, classy affair.  Not a small, dismal meeting. 

We’re finally in “real time” with the bio toxin crisis and things are starting to make sense.  It’s much easier to follow what’s happening now.  I still think this current story pales in comparison to the Metro Court hostage crisis and even the Black & White Ball.  It just isn’t as exciting.  There’s no interesting villain either.  Characters like James Craig can make or break a story.  Even Diego being the TMK brought some interest and excitement to the Text Message story.  Somehow, Earl Bragg just didn’t get me interested this time around. 

Why is Sam in the middle of every crisis?  She really serves no purpose in the story.  Sam only seems interested in playing hero so she can make herself look good.  I can’t believe she offered to remove the spheres from Earl Bragg’s body.  She wanted to suit up and take over for Patrick.  I must have missed the episode where Sam became a doctor, I guess.  Imagine what could have happened if Sam screwed up and nicked one of those spheres?  I don’t understand what Sam was thinking – what makes her qualified to even suggest such a thing?

Lately, one of my reasons for watching is Jason Thompson (Patrick).  I’m glad Patrick is central to this story – he keeps it interesting.  I think this character has come such a long way.  Patrick is a far cry from the shallow doctor he was when we first met him.  He’s become an adult – a sensitive, caring, and honest adult.  In fact, Patrick is probably one of the most “normal” men in Port Charles.  Patrick is handsome, intelligent, and interesting.  He’s the perfect hero and he’s not even a criminal!  As much as I like the mob element on GH, I find Patrick very refreshing and appealing.  It’s nice to see an interesting man who doesn’t break the law or kill people for a living.

I don’t understand why they killed Andy Archer.  We haven’t seen him in months and now he’s suddenly a casualty of this big story?  Andy was an interesting and likeable character who came to us on the first season of Night Shift.  I don’t understand the point of killing him.  Why didn’t they just continue to make him an absent character?

Just a couple quick comments about Anthony Zacchara.  I love his wit and humor.  I really think Anthony is teetering on the line between insane and brilliant.  Whichever he is, Anthony is one hysterically funny guy.  I hope Anthony survives because he provides some great moments of comic relief.

I’m not sure about this new Ethan person.  Why is he in town?  He’s Australian so does he have ties to someone in town?  Is he a Scorpio?  Maybe he’s a Jacks?  He’s young enough to be Jax or Jerry’s son, which might make me interested in him.  But right now, I can’t really get interested in Ethan unless I know more about him. 

Things are sure to get heated up this week as the crisis continues to unfold.  Even though this isn’t the best story I’ve ever seen, it’s definitely worth watching.