General Hospital Check up Week of January 23, 2012

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Johnny gets the shock of a lifetime – Claudia was his mother!

Brandon Barash (Johnny, GH)Did anyone see that one coming? Claudia (Sara Brown) was John’s mother, not his older sister. Honestly, I always suspected that was the case. People thought I was crazy but way back when Trevor Lansing (Stephen Macht) was in the picture, I wondered if he was really John’s father. It seemed very possible that Claudia and Trevor were John’s parents.

Claudia always had an unusual type of love and devotion for John. It was much more than what a sister would have for a brother. It’s just too bad this truth came out after Claudia was already dead. Don’t you think it would have been more exciting had she been alive? Too bad they can’t bring Claudia back – that would be something.

That being said, it’s so great seeing Brandon Barash (John) handle this heavy material. Barash is a consummate actor and lately we haven’t seen him used to his potential. Lately we’ve just seen bits and pieces of Barash and Johnny – hardly enough to keep him (or us) satisfied. We’re seeing the ‘human’ side of John. I think we’ve seen enough of the ‘angry’ side of this complex character.

Speaking of great performances, Jason Thompson (Patrick) is amazing. We don’t get to see the softer side of Patrick often enough. Even though this sad story about Robin’s health is heart breaking, it’s wonderful to see this side of Thompson and Patrick.

Judging by the look of horror on his face, I would guess Michael didn’t commit murder this past week. He seemed frightened out of his mind. Whatever happened, Michael really needs a wakeup call. Maybe this murder will scare him straight. He needs to grow up and distance himself from the mob in every way. Even if that means distancing himself from Jason and Sonny.

In actor news, Kirsten Storms (Maxie) won’t be returning to the show as planned. According to a GH rep (per Soap Opera Digest), the actress ‘…will not be able to return to GENERAL HOSPITAL as soon as originally hoped and announced. Jen Lilley will continue to play Maxie Jones for the foreseeable future.’