General Hospital Check Up - Week of January 20, 2014

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The new chief of staff is chosen and it's not Monica!

Leslie Charleson (Monica, GH)How is it that Dr. Death (Obrecht) is the new chief of staff? I have a guess. I think the person behind her is Mr. Cassadine. I think there’s a much bigger picture here. One that will explode soon. And it has Cassadine written all over it – don’t you think?

How cute are the new versions of Cameron and Spencer? The little Cassadine prince is hilarious. The way he spoke to Heather was just funny and so adult. “Who are you and why are you on my property.” Spoken like a true Cassadine. I can’t wait to see what Spencer comes up with next.

I hate how Duke is lying to Anna. I understand his reasons and his motivation. But, he’s still lying and Anna will find out. And as much as Anna disapproves of Sonny, he and Duke aren’t so different. Anna will be crushed when she learns the truth. And I’m pretty sure that Duke won’t be forgiven.

Speaking of deceit, why Kiki is lying to Michael, I don’t know. Even though we know Franco is innocent, Kiki is keeping something very crucial from Michael. And he will find out eventually. The question is – will Michael be able to forgive her?

While I’m on the topic of Franco – why hasn’t he checked Heather’s grave? Come on! This man is highly intelligent. Why hasn’t the thought crossed his mind yet? Check the grave already Franco – Heather isn’t in the ground!

I think there’s more to Nathan West than meets the eye. If you ask me, he has some connection to Sylas’ wife. Who is this man, really? Is he related to Nina Clay somehow? I suppose he could be Nina’s younger brother. That being said, some people are speculating that Silas is Nathan’s father. Could Nathan be the child of Nina and Silas? I guess it’s possible since Silas hasn’t seen his wife in over 20 years. That would be an interesting twist.

In actor news, Shirley Jones – the actress best known as David Cassidy’s mother on ‘The Partridge Family’ will appear February 5.

According to TV Guide’s Michael Logan (per an ABC rep), Jones’ character ‘comes across a suspicious gravedigger late one night at the cemetery and takes her suspicions to Dante Falconeri [Dominic Zamprogna] at the PCPD, thinking this might have something to do with the fugitive the police are looking for.’

Soap vet Ilene Kristen (ex Roxy, ‘One Life to Live’) will reprise the role of Delia – mother of Ava Jerome. Finally, Rick Hearst returns to ‘GH’ as the notorious Ric Lansing February 24.

Unfortunately, there’s some bad news to report as well. Kim McCullough’s (Robin) highly anticipated return is almost over. The popular actress will wrap up her filming this coming week. McCullough’s final air date has yet to be announced.