General Hospital Check Up Week of January 14, 2013

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Laura Wright (Carly, General Hospital)AJ gets the best of Carly

How funny was it to watch Carly squirm thinking she fooled around with AJ? Yes, it was mean of him to make her believe something happened. But it really did make me laugh. And given the treatment Carly has always given AJ, she's lucky it wasn't more severe. AJ came clean with Carly so he does have some human potential. And AJ actually reached out to Carly with kindness. And he did it for Michael. So, does AJ have some good father potential? I think he just might.

I love Felix – he's really a breath of fresh air. And his 'One Life to Live' Foxy Roxie's' connection makes total sense. Felix is befriending Carly too – he has great friend potential for her. Carly really needs a true friend now that Jason is gone.

And talk about history. Lucy slaying John because she's convinced he's vampire Caleb. Now we all know that isn't true. But, could John somehow be related to Caleb? How else can you explain the resemblance? And poor Lucy thinks Port Charles is overcome with vampires again. Who can really blame her when these people look so similar? But can't Lucy prove any of her past connections with the man that looks just like John? Whatever the outcome, it all adds up to more rich, GH history.

Speaking of history, in actor news, watch for more familiar faces to hit town soon. Jon Lindstrom will reprise the role of Dr. Kevin Collins. Genie Francis returns as Laura in February. Kin Shriner returns to the canvas as Scotty. And watch for Jack Wagner to return as Frisco Jones.