General Hospital Check Up - Week of January 13, 2014

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Heather has the upper hand - when will Franco figure it out?

Roger Howarth (Franco, GH)I have to admit I’m disappointed in Franco. I would expect him to blame Carly’s disappearance on Heather. Yes, Franco thinks he killed Heather. But, it’s Heather, so anything is possible. When will Franco wise up and go check Heather’s grave? Just to make certain she really died – right? I would expect Franco to leave no stone unturned. Especially where Heather is concerned.

The unfortunate thing is that everyone assumes Carly is dead. Honestly, at this point I think

Carly’s only hope is to save herself. Everyone is looking in the wrong direction, so Carly will have to outsmart Heather if she wants to survive. That may not be as difficult as it seems. Since Heather seems to have the upper hand, she just may slip up. Carly is smart and she’s one of the few people who has a chance against Heather. Wait and see.

Forgive me if I’m not on the Scott and Lucy bandwagon. I just find it hard to believe that Scott got over Laura so easily. And now he’s in love with Lucy? I don’t buy it. And if you ask me, Lucy has a gem in Kevin. Lucy should stick with Kevin – he’s a much better choice than Scott.

I can totally believe that Ava set out to kill Sylas’ wife. I mean it’s Ava – she has no morals, no conscience, and no scruples. Plus, Ava is crafty and fearless. The bottom line is if Ava wanted Silas’ wife out of the way, that’s that. Ava wouldn’t think twice about eliminating her competition – then or now.

It seems like Elizabeth may regret letting Nikolas go. And not a moment too soon. But is Elizabeth too late? It seems like Nicholas is smitten with Britt. Of course that will all change once the truth about Ben comes out. Or will it? Will Nikolas still love Britt after he learns what she did to Lulu? Or will Nik finally hook up with the right lady – Elizabeth?

In actor news, former GH favorite Steve Burton (ex Jason) will be a daddy for the third time this summer. Burton and his wife are expecting another child in July. Also, actress Donna Mills (ex Abby, ‘Knots Landing’) joins the ‘GH’ cast next month.