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Home Shows General Hospital General Hospital Check Up General Hospital Check Up - Week Of February 9, 2009

General Hospital Check Up - Week Of February 9, 2009

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It's not over yet - the hospital crises rages on


Ingo Rademacher (Jax, General Hospital)It seems like everyone in Port Charles has nine lives.  Carly and Sonny cheat death so many times I’ve lost count.  The hospital crisis was no exception.  Not only did Carly and Sonny escape the fire, they made it down all those flights of stairs!  Sam’s been shot, kidnapped, and threatened pretty much since she came to town.  This time around, Sam fell off the hospital roof but she managed to hold on until Jason pulled her to safety.  Claudia’s been stabbed and left for dead, among other things.  Lucky for Claudia, Jason found her in that stair well and carried her to safety.   Nikolas survived a brain tumor and too many other mishaps to mention.  Thanks to Rebecca, Nikolas got out from under that flaming debris and safely out of the hospital.  Jason got shot in the arm but that didn’t stop him from evacuating the hospital.  My favorite survival story from the fire was Jax – he crashed a helicopter and survived!  He really is a white knight.

I can’t continue to discuss the past week without asking the most obvious of questions.  How can you fly a helicopter in the snow?  Isn’t that impossible?  At the very least I think it’s incredibly dangerous.  But this is Jasper Jacks we’re talking about.  There’s nothing heroic this man can’t do.  Not only did Jax rescue people and fly a chopper in a blizzard, he did it in style.  Who else but Jax would handle a crisis wearing a suit and tie?  He’s one of a kind, that white knight.

Speaking of heroes, can we talk about Maxie for a minute?  First, she wanders through the snow to find Robin and Emma.  Next, our brave little fashion maven comforted Emma while Robin stayed on at GH.  As if that wasn’t enough, Maxie took a huge risk and went into a burning building to find Spinelli.  The girl walked up all those stairs in shoes that weren’t meant for standing, let alone walking. 

I mentioned my mistrust of Winifred when she first befriended Spinelli.  We all know Winifred was setting Spinelli up for a fall.  But I have to say, she’s quickly becoming one of my favorite characters.  The darling and talented Senta Moses has won me over.  She’s made this sweet and quirky character endearing.  Spinelli’s forgiven Winifred, so who am I to hold a grudge?  I think Winifred genuinely cares about Spinelli.  I wonder if their relationship will move to the next level?  That might be nice to see.  If a romance develops, I hope Maxie and Winifred become friends.  Maxie needs more friends and Winifred could be just the ticket.

What a coincidence that Claudia found the DVD in the middle of all that chaos.  Without watching it, how do Kate and Claudia even know that’s Jerry’s DVD?  And why is Claudia even concerned about Sonny finding the DVD?  There’s no concrete proof that Claudia was involved in Michael’s shooting.  It’s not as if Jerry is a reliable source for information.  For all Sonny knows, Jerry could have fabricated the entire story about Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting.  Claudia is quite the smooth talking manipulator.  I’m sure she could easily spin the situation to her advantage.

I’m still not sold on Ethan and Luke.   What does Ethan want?  Is Luke just amusing himself temporarily? 

What about the Liz and Lucky kiss?  To me it wasn’t a passionate kiss in any way.  It was more of a “farewell” kiss, as in “what if we never see each other again?”  Seriously, there were no sparks there.  Just two people who love and respect each other as friends and nothing more.

Trevor’s death was bitter sweet.  It’s always disappointing to see a talented actor leave the canvas.  It’s even more disappointing when we lose a character with the great potential that Trevor Lansing had.  Is it just me or did Stephen Macht have some really great material for his farewell?  The way Trevor “talked down” to Ric was classic Trevor.  If it wasn’t clear before, we now know for certain that Trevor truly hated Ric.  You could hear it in his voice and see it in his body language.  The way he called Ric “Ritchie” – so condescending and smug.  Wouldn’t it have been some sweet revenge if Ric had pushed Trevor off that roof?  I always thought Trevor was a little left of center.  I love the “crazy” side of Trevor – too bad we didn’t see more of it.  He was kind of like Jerry Jacks in that way.  Both men were cold, calculating, deliberate users who teetered on the line between insanity and brilliance.  Both were great sources of humor and amusement.  Both characters had some of the best material to work with during their exit. 

There were so many questions left unanswered by Friday’s episode.  What happened to Anthony?  How will Spinelli, Maxie, Jason, and Sam get out of the hospital?  We all know that Jason will survive, but will he head straight for Elizabeth’s side?  We can only hope. 


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QueenRuler said:

LOL, Laurie! Your first paragraph is quite the eye opener for first thing Monday morning. And you are so very correct. It seems that tragedy strikes, sometimes very severely, yet our Port Charles faves always seem to recover, regroup, retool and even sometimes reanimate, without being any worse for the wear.

It's like characters who murder, mame and steal, go in trial (usually the quickest trials in the history of the justice system) and get off with a slap on the wrist, for one reason or another.

Guess that's why they are called soap operas. Not only is there something magical about them in their powers of healing and getting away from tragedy unscathed, but they know know to circumvent the legal system pretty well, too.

Your QueenRuler
February 16, 2009
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Linda Marshall-Smith (QueenRuler, Soapdom.com)
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