General Hospital Check Up Week of February 4, 2013

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Heather, Todd, & Lucy make a break for it & more favorites are on the way

Robin Mattson (Heather, GH)It’s been one crazy week in Port Charles. Lucy, Heather, and Todd made a break for it. Poor Lucy was on a mission to save Rafe. In the process, she was once again incarcerated. And unfortunately Kevin got caught in the middle of the escape. But the interaction between Todd, Heather, and Lucy is quite hilarious. They make quite a team.

I knew Todd was in love with Carly! And she loves him – she’s just not ready to admit it. They complement each other in a perfectly dysfunctional way. If you think about all the men Carly has loved, none were as perfect for her as Todd.

Here’s the thing about John and Caleb. Don’t they look and act different? Caleb has this air about him. He has a massive chip on his shoulder – he’s so smug. And his hair is longer. Why doesn’t anyone notice that Caleb’s hair is longer?

For what it’s worth, I don’t think John and Caleb are the same person. I do think they could be related. But where was John while Caleb was taking Rafe out of jail and back to the murder scene? Where is John? Will we ever see John and Caleb together? That’s really the only way to know if they’re different people.

If Caleb and John are two different people, Lucy will more than likely step up. There’s no other way to resolve the situation. If Lucy slays Caleb then everyone will know the truth. She and Kevin will get back together finally. And people won’t think of Lucy as a crazy woman.

Frisco finally returned and boy did the sparks fly! The hatred in Mac’s eyes was really something. Maybe it’s me but I don’t think Felicia and Frisco are over. I think they still have some feelings between them. And I love Frisco. It just bothers me that it took so long for him to come back. Frisco didn’t come back when Georgie died, but he came back because Maxie is pregnant. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

In actor news, watch for the return of Genie Francis (Laura) Monday February 11. Kin Shriner (Scotty) returns February 19. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, word is that John Stamos will return as Blackie soon. And that makes sense. Blackie must be out of prison by now, don’t you think?