General Hospital Check Up - Week of February 3, 2014

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Is Jason Morgan alive?

Steve Burton (ex Jason, GH)Is Jason really alive? I find it possible, but hard to believe. I’m certain, if Jason is alive, Robin will do whatever it takes to bring him back home safely. Robin seems convinced that Victor has Jason. But, it doesn’t seem logical that Robin would leave her family – even to save Jason’s life. Robin just got her life back – it doesn’t make sense that she will go on a secret mission and leave her husband and daughter.

Brad is an interesting character. He clearly has a thing for Felix. And just when Felix is returning that ‘thing,’ in comes Lucas. So as hard as it is to fathom, Brad is being pulled in two different directions by two different men. Don’t get me wrong, I like Brad. I especially like the Brad he’s become lately. But why is he so darn popular with the men? And who will Brad choose – Lucas or Felix?

That being said, I think Felix is the better choice. There’s something stalker-ish and odd about Lucas. He makes me feel uneasy. I think Lucas has some skeletons in his past that we know nothing about. And forgive me, but Lucas kind of has an attitude. He’s clearly got a chip on his shoulder. The question is – why? I really think Lucas is hiding something big.

Dr. Obrecht was clearly jarred when she saw Victor Cassadine, but why? What’s the real connection between those two? Call me crazy, but I find Victor oddly appealing. He’s handsome and well spoken – and obviously wealthy.

It took him long enough but Franco finally dug up Heather’s grave. Now, he’s on to something. But is it too late to save Carly? And how will Franco figure out Carly is at Wyndemere?

It looks like Elizabeth may just figure out Ben’s parentage – and soon. Well she’s on the right track anyway, thinking Britt used Dante’s sperm. Wait until Liz figures out that Britt took both Lulu and Dante’s samples and Ben is their biological child! And not a moment too soon. That just may be the only thing to make Nikolas come to his senses and drop Britt. Nik can’t possibly forgive Britt when the truth comes out. After all, Ben is Nik’s nephew. Maybe once Elizabeth outs Britt, she can have a future with Nikolas.

Not that we can put too much faith in AJ’s memory, but I know Ava killed Connie. I think Connie was on the verge of exposing Julian, so Ava took care of her. AJ was just a lucky coincidence.

In actor news, former ‘GH’ star, Jason Gerhardt (ex Cooper ‘Coop’ Barrett) joins the cast of ‘Mistresses.’ Read more here.  It doesn't look like Steve Burton (ex Jason) will be coming back.  The actor Tweeted that he recently re-signed with 'Y&R'.  And according to Rick Hearst (Ric), Derk Cheetwood (Max) will be part of the new TNT series, ‘The Last Ship’ from Michael Bay.