General Hospital Check Up - Week of February 24, 2014

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A familiar face returns to town

Rick Hearst (Ric, GH)I knew Ric was behind the Jerome organization. Nobody else wants Sonny’s head on a platter like Ric. And wow – Alexis has children with Julian and Ric! That should be an interesting triangle.

And once again, I do believe that Ava killed Connie. Unfortunately, Connie wasn’t smart enough to keep her suspicions about Julian to herself. Connie had no idea who and what she was dealing with in Ava. The outcome didn’t surprise me. And AJ – well he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Here’s my question – after all that’s happened, why hasn’t Sonny put two and two together? Why didn’t he figure out that the initials Connie left in blood stood for ‘Ava Jerome’ and not ‘AJ Quartermaine?’

Speaking of Ava, I love her confrontations with Delia. That line Delia said about a fur with a head that had ‘beady little eyes that stared right through you’ slayed me. Delia was talking about Ava – hilarious.

I’m torn – as a mother, I agree with what Rafe did. But we all know he only did it to stop Molly – he didn’t do it for her own good, so to speak. I believe Molly is too young to take that step with TJ. But that’s just me. Molly has a bright future, and she needs to get her head on straight. Easier said than done, I know. But let us not forget – Molly is only 16.

Robin’s issue makes me sad. Why couldn’t she admit the truth to her mom? And what about Carly? I think Robin should have told Carly the truth about Jason. It seems futile to have everyone misunderstanding and hating Robin. My choice would have been to at least let Anna and Carly in on the secret. Maybe Elizabeth too.

Seriously, Ric agrees with Molly? I think he’s just trying to score points with Molly. Sorry, but I’m with Alexis on this one. Molly is far too young to take that step with TJ or anyone. Ric needs to step back. He has no idea how to parent Molly.

But I do love the dynamic between Ric and Sonny. I’ve never enjoyed hatred as much as I enjoy theirs. Sonny has this air about him. Ric feels inferior around big brother Sonny, and it shows.

In actor news, Rick Springfield is going on tour with Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo. Kirsten Storms (Maxie) is off her maternity leave and back to the set this week. Watch for Storms to air next month.