General Hospital Check Up - Week Of February 23, 2009

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Sonny races to rescue Claudia & Maxie has one heck of a dream


Maurice Benard (Sonny, General Hospital)Sonny is totally falling for Claudia.  It’s just a matter of time.  Sonny claims to dislike and distrust Claudia but there’s a connection between them that can’t be ignored.  Sonny got a little defensive when Jason questioned his feelings for Claudia.  I think he protested just a little too much.  I think Sonny is attracted to Claudia and maybe he even likes her a little bit.  Sonny can relate to Claudia’s screwed up childhood and her mess of a life.  Sonny knows what it’s like to survive an abusive parent and so does Claudia.   Sonny feels like he “deserves” Claudia because of the choices he’s made in his life.  He feels like “real” love is out of the question for him because he doesn’t deserve to be happy.  Sonny is afraid of love and happiness because in his world, it doesn’t seem to last.  Maybe he feels like Claudia has potential because she told him the truth about Kate.  Claudia definitely has feelings for Sonny.  You can see it in the way she looks at him and the way she acts when they’re alone.  As much as she denies it, Claudia wants to be loved by a man.  Not just any man either – she wants to be loved by Sonny.

Claudia’s relationship with Anthony is so far beyond disturbing.  This man is psychotic and so far gone from reality.  He really, truly hates Claudia.  Poor Claudia is terrified of her own father and who can blame her?  The man strapped a bomb to her – he strapped a BOMB on his own daughter.  Anthony usually keeps me laughing but I don’t like this crazy, scary side of him.   

Maxie’s dream episode brought back some history that I assumed was forgotten.  There was mention of Bobbie and Tony.  We actually saw Bobbie for the first time in months.  It was kind of sad when Bobbie lost her job at the hospital.  Is that a preview of coming attractions for this character that we never see anymore?  I much prefer the Patrick Drake of today.  Same goes for Mac – seeing him as a grieving alcoholic was just uncomfortable.  Johnny Zacchara as the owner of the Paradise Lounge was good for a laugh though.  He really played the role of sleazy strip club guy so well.  One thing that disappointed me was a lack of vintage footage from that time period.  I think the story would have been so much better if we could have seen a young Maxie and a young BJ before that tragedy struck.  It would have been nice to see Bobbie, Tony, Frisco, and Felicia too.  If you’re interested in that whole tear jerking story of BJ’s death, keep your tissues close by and take a look if you dare:

I’m probably more of a sucker for a man with an accent than most women.  But something about Ethan just doesn’t set right with me.  He has an agenda but I can’t figure out what it is.  For what it’s worth, I don’t believe Ethan is Luke’s son.  I also don’t believe for a minute that Tracy has fallen under Ethan’s spell.  She’s way too smart and experienced for that.

Bernie is really becoming protective of Jason and the organization.  I give Bernie props for speaking his mind and standing up against Sonny.  It should be interesting when Sonny takes back full control of the business.  Richard Fancy (Bernie) is such a terrific and funny actor.  I still remember how he stood out as “Mr. Lippman” on so many episodes of Seinfeld. 

I’m with Edward – Rebecca “is in some way related to Emily.”  It’s just too coincidental that this woman is a dead ringer for Emily.  Maybe she’s a twin cousin, like in the old Patty Duke days?  Or maybe a long lost twin sister?  This story has been done to death on so many soaps, unfortunately.  Either way, Nikolas needs to back off and stop stalking this woman.  I much prefer the funny, Sarcastic Nikolas to this sappy, broken hearted, love sick man we’ve been seeing lately.  Whatever the story is with Rebecca, if it brings us more of the Q’s, I’ll take it.