General Hospital Check Up Week of February 22, 2010

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Sonny faces the music

Maurice Benard (Sonny, General Hospital)Sonny's arraignment began this week and I think the real victim was Diane. Honestly, between getting Sonny to not dress like "the Godfather" and keeping him quiet, poor Diane had her work cut out for her. I thought she would resign when Jason showed up at the courthouse.

It was kind of odd listening to Alexis ask Jax to back down for the sake of Sonny's children. This was Alexis after all – the woman who kept Kristina from Sonny for most of her childhood. Why the sudden about face? Out of everyone in Sonny's world, Alexis is the last person I would expect to have a change of heart. And Alexis is reverting back to her hypocritical ways by working with Diane to defend Sonny.

I had to agree with Patrick – Robin shouldn't have gone to Dante to discuss Sonny's relationship with Stone. One thing has nothing to do with the other. Does it really matter that Sonny took Stone under his wing? He's still a criminal and a killer. It makes no difference that Sonny took Stone off the street and cared for him like a son.

Lucky and Jason sort of are working together and I like it. They make an interesting team. I could see Lucky leaving the PCPD and going to work for Jason if Sonny goes to prison. Lucky has a definite dark side and he'd made a great "anger boy." If Jason takes over for Sonny, Lucky could take over for Jason. He could be "Stone Cold 2." It would be interesting if they would explore Lucky's dark side – beyond the substance abuse. Lucky could "turn over a new leaf" as it were, because of his heartbreak of Elizabeth and Nikolas. Turning to a life of crime could be Lucky's way of coping with the situation. I'm not saying that's what will happen – just saying it would be an interesting twist if it did.

Ok so LOL to Dante when Lulu asked him "boxers or briefs" and he said "neither." I'm not sure anyone else could have pulled that one off. No pun intended there.

I understand his thinking but I hate how Ethan backed off of Kristina on Sam's word. I think he could be great for her. The age difference isn't that big. Maybe five years or so, right? They can be friends until Kristina matures and see what happens. There's no harm in that. I think Ethan would treat Kristina with the respect and tenderness she needs. He could give her the attention and guidance she craves. Because for all of Ethan's cons, he's a smart and compassionate man. I think he was just a bit misguided in the past. It seems like he's matured a great deal lately. It would be good for Ethan too. Getting involved in a "normal" relationship is something he needs. And lets not forget the great friendship/vibe between Alexis and Luke. We'd sure see more of them together if their kids were dating. So, it's all good. That being said, I hope Ethan comes to his senses and doesn't get involved with Johnny's plot to destroy Sonny. I hope Ethan will make the right decision, especially given Luke's relationship with Sonny.

The new updated GH opening credits premiered this week. It's nice – very modern. Although I miss seeing all the handsome men of Port Charles dressed in black from the old opening. I love seeing the Haunted Star reference and Wyndemere and Port Charles in the background on the new opening. And it's great to see the hospital because after all, this is General Hospital, right? I think my favorite part of the new opening is Tony Geary turning and walking away at the end. I loved that part of the old opening too. In both cases you really can't tell if it's staged or if Tony just decided it was time to move. If you haven't seen it, take a look:

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