General Hospital Check Up Week of February 21, 2011

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Vanessa M. Giovinazzo, Maurice BenardThe wedding of Sonny & Brenda ends in tragedy

Honestly (aside from the limo explosion) this was one of the best daytime weddings I've seen in many years. It was emotional, sweet, and beautiful. And most important, there was forgiveness. I never thought I would see Sonny marry Brenda, ever. Their love is sweet and beautiful.

The best part was Brenda's reveal – no correction – the best part was Sonny's reaction. Total and huge props to Sonny – the man who rarely forgives anyone. Sonny took responsibility for the horrible way he hurt Brenda the last time they were to be married. His only bit of disappointment came because Brenda didn't trust him enough to tell the truth.

Poor Brenda really believes she's not worthy of being loved. She carries things from so long ago – remember her father issues? She fears abandonment, big time. It's a very sad thing. Sonny understands all that and maybe he can help Brenda work through it.

Carly did Brenda a huge favor by threatening to expose her. That was the push Brenda needed to tell Sonny the truth. And the bonus is that the whole thing made Carly look awful in everyone's eyes. And the truth made Brenda and Sonny stronger than ever.

It doesn't get any cuter than Haley Pullos walking down that aisle as Molly. What a doll that little girl is. And what an actress she is. If she doesn't deserve an Emmy, nobody does.

I wonder if Dante is pathological. I can't blame Lulu for being skeptical. Dante reminds me of an addict. Always in denial when it suits him. Luke is right, Dante won't ever change. Lulu is smart to be skeptical of his ability to tell the truth.

Kristina told Ethan she was going to marry him 'someday.' I believe her. I've always loved the possibility of Ethan and Kristina. There's a spark between them that can't be denied.

I love the side of Ethan we saw after the explosion – the caregiver, the romantic, the compassionate one taking care of Kristina, Molly, and Morgan. And didn't you just love Ethan the poet – comforting poor Molly with a poem on love?

Of course deep down, we all knew Brenda wasn't dead – so why did that whole scene with Dante comforting Sonny make so many of us cry? It was great writing and even greater acting.

But here's the question – if Sam was in the limo when it exploded, where is Brenda? And will Sonny and Jason be able to save her in time?  Will Sam survive?

James Franco (Franco, GH)We saw Oscar nominated James Franco (Franco) on Friday's episode.  Watch for him to appear again on Monday.