General Hospital Check up Week of February 20, 2012

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Robin loses her life to save Jason

Kim McCullough (Robin, GH)Is Robin really dead? Or does this have Franco written all over it? The body was burned beyond recognition. What about poor Patrick – will he ever forgive Jason? It seems unlikely that he will. But we all know that Robin died trying to save Jason. She would have done the same thing for any of her patients. That’s just who Robin was.

What a great job Jason Thompson (Patrick) is doing. Sometimes we forget just how wonderful an actor he is. The same goes for John York (Mac) – he’s wonderful and we sometimes forget what a key character he’s been in the past.

I really like the new and improved Michael – especially the way he stepped up and took care of Molly. Didn’t we all love seeing the grown up, mature, and caring side of Michael. We saw the Michael that Abby loved. This is the Michael we need to see more of – the young man who knows right from wrong and keeps his anger in check.

Is there a chance for Dante and Sonny to have a father, son relationship? Sonny took a shot for Dante right after the latter pretty much wrote him off.   Even though I don’t consider Sonny a ‘good’ father, it’s obvious he loves his children. And you can’t fault him for that. Even Dante seems to finally understand Sonny’s devotion to his kids. But does Sonny love his children enough to make a permanent career change?

So Starr Manning is in Port Charles. How many think Cole will die and Starr will eventually end up with Michael? They can bond over losing a love. This could bring us a new supercouple to watch and support.

In actor news, watch for the upcoming return of Tristan Rogers (Robert) and Rick Springfield (Noah). The circumstance of their return is sad, but fans are looking forward to having these two favorites back.