General Hospital Check Up - Week Of February 2, 2009

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Sonny learns the truth as the hospital crisis continues


Maurice Benard (Sonny, General Hospital)Why is Robin lost in a “new neighborhood?”   Hasn’t she lived in Port Charles for years?  She said she was on a “new street?  What does that even mean?  I guess Port Charles has been built up and given a major facelift.  It wasn’t such a smart move for Robin to leave her home in a storm.  Being a doctor, I would think Robin would bring down Emma’s fever, rather than haul her through a blizzard.  She could have called 911, considering her uncle is the police chief.  Instead, Robin kept trying to call Patrick.  Why?  What could Patrick do for her?  Nothing Robin did made any sense. 

Even though I see definite sparks between Maxie and Johnny, I’m glad nothing happened with them.  I keep telling myself Johnny is a decent guy and no decent guy would cheat on the girl he claims to love.  I gotta wonder if it was the beer that almost made them do the unthinkable.  Or would Maxie and Johnny have gotten so cozy sober?  The thing is, it was Johnny’s idea!  I’ll admit Johnny sort of redeemed himself by rescuing Robin and Emma.  But I’m still disappointed in him.

There’s a lot of buzz circulating that Ethan and Luke have a connection.  First I was convinced that Ethan was Luke and Holly’s son.  Now I’m not so sure.  I’m thinking maybe Ethan is Robert and Holly’s son.  Ethan brought Holly into a conversation with Luke.  Ethan also mentioned that he was adopted.  Maybe Ethan is using Luke as a roadway to find Robert.  It’s kind of strange to see Luke take a stranger under his wings.  Isn’t he usually a lot more cautious? 

I wasn’t as moved as some were by the recent Lucky and Elizabeth interaction.  I understand and appreciate that they have a long history.  That being said, I would rather see Jason sitting at Liz’s bedside, holding her hand.  According to the spoilers I read, Jason was supposed to “ignore” Liz but it sure didn’t look that way to me.  Spoilers made it sound as if Jason had no interest in Liz’s condition.  I'd say he was VERY interested and sorry he got there too late.   If Jason had gotten to Liz first, I think he would have been the one holding her hand.  Back to Lucky – it seems he forgot about being a police officer in the middle of a crisis.  Lucky should be spending his time problem solving, not reminiscing.  Lucky is also the father of Liz’s kids.  Why then is Lucky jeopardizing his own health when there are children to consider?  It doesn’t make sense, especially since Nikolas and Lulu are already in danger by being in the hospital.  Lucky shouldn’t have broken into the hospital – he should have gone and taken care of his kids.  It was also a nice slap in the face to Sam when Lucky stressed that he came to GH “to check on Elizabeth.”

So Claudia told Sonny the truth about Kate’s shooting.  She chose Sonny over her crazy father – probably a smart decision.  Sonny actually had empathy for Claudia.  He was understanding and supportive, which we don’t see very often from him.  And what was that we saw between Claudia and Sonny?  Was it, dare I say, compassion?  When Sonny left Claudia’s room with Anthony, he (Sonny) patted her foot and nodded.  It was as if Sonny was trying to reassure Claudia.  I know Sonny is beginning to understand Claudia, but could he be taking a shine to her as well?  Claudia said she only told Sonny the truth to “prove” her “loyalty.”  I think there’s more to it.  It’s possible Claudia has feelings for Sonny since she asked Carly to give him an alibi.  Obviously Claudia doesn’t want Sonny to be blamed for Anthony’s murder.  There’s still one more roadblock before Claudia can have a life with Sonny – that darn DVD of Jerry’s.  Hopefully, Claudia will destroy it before Kate can turn it over to Sonny.  That DVD has the potential to ruin Claudia’s relationship with Sonny, not to mention her life.

Is there a chance Sonny and Jason will reconcile?  I think it’s a possibility, especially since Sonny spared Anthony’s life for Jason.  Sonny and Jason are one of the best duos to come out of GH.   Some call them a “couple” or a “love story,” but to me, they are a duo.  And a pretty dynamic one at that.  Seriously, I like Jason and Sonny so much better when they’re on the same side.  Besides, Jason already lost Elizabeth – must he lose Sonny too?

I loved Jax’s concern for Carly – just loved it.  Jax has really redeemed himself with Carly lately.  I’m sure he will play a big part in getting everyone out of the hospital safely.  Jax has all the ingredients for the perfect hero or “white knight,” – looks, money, intelligence, persistence.  Maybe Jax will finally see the error of his ways and appreciate how lucky he is to have Carly in his life. 

Speaking of Carly, she always manages to keep a cool head in a crisis.  She’s been supportive and compassionate in a horrific situation.  Say what you will about her but this time around Carly hasn’t been the least bit pushy.  She’s left that up to Sam.

I don’t even know where to start with Sam.  She continued to try and make the crisis all about her.  Typical Sam.  She’s been running so close behind Jason that he’s had to take care not to stop too suddenly.  But did Sam have to shoot Jason then blame him?  Sam closed her eyes just as she pulled the trigger!  So, really, whose fault was it?  I loved the Sam and Jason interaction right after the shooting.  Jason looked at Sam like she was the biggest imbecile in town and said, “You shot me.  What the hell is wrong with you?”

I think Patrick should be the next patient at Shady Brook.  This man is so overwhelmed, both personally and professionally.  He has a new baby, a sick wife, and a major hospital crisis to contend with.  Patrick was clearly affected by Leyla’s death.  Not to mention that his brother may or may not survive the toxin. 

Finally, a little laughter to go along with the crisis.  Anthony is my “go to” guy for comic relief.  He was hilarious as usual this week:

Why the hell are you running around here?
Somebody could see you.

Claudia gave me up to Sonny before I could kill her.

How bad is it?

She told him it was me who shot Kate. Now Corinthos
is going to hunt me down and shoot me like a dog.
Oh, my God. Where is your bodyguard?

I don't know where the hell he is. But when I find
him, he's dead.

All right. Anthony, listen to me. You've got to hide.
We can't let Sonny kill you.

Exactly. You always see the big picture. Ric was
such a disappointment to me.

Forget about Ric. How do you know? How do you
know that Sonny's after you?

Because he's chasing me with a big, freaking gun, Trevor.
How smart do I have to be? The man is obsessed
with revenge. He knocked Jason Morgan out, and now
he's coming after me.

Didn't he kill Jason?

Go figure.

Well, that element of your plan failed miserably.

don't need a running commentary, Trevor.
I need to get the hell out of this hospital before
Sonny kills me.

So last week ended with a big “boom” and it wasn’t even caused by Jerry Jacks!  At least I don’t think it was.  There’s more excitement to come this week I’m sure, so come on back.