General Hospital Check Up - Week of February 17, 2014

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Robin prepares to leave town

Kim McCullough (Robin, GH)I admire Robin for wanting to bring Jason back to his family – I really do. And I understand that Robin loves Jason as a friend. But Patrick is right – Robin is choosing saving Jason over her family. How can Robin really leave her beloved husband and child – even for Jason? There are other options. For one, Robin can turn to Anna and Robert. There must be some other way around this mess. Honestly, this could really damage Emma. She’s a child who lost her mother for two years. I would be very worried that Emma will be emotionally scarred by Robin leaving again. How does a little girl absorb this sort of thing?

That being said, I don’t believe that Robin loves Jason more than she loves her family. Jason would die for Robin – he would give up anything for her. Robin is of the same mindset. It’s a tough thing, however it turns out. But the question is – will Robin lose Patrick over this? I hope Patrick supports Robin’s decision in the end. After all, Patrick is a doctor, and as such his job is to save lives. And at least this time, Robin can maintain contact with her family. And I’m so glad she told Patrick the truth.

Victor on the other hand is deplorable. He’s holding Jason’s life in his hands. Seriously – can’t Victor just send Jason to Port Charles? Robin can surely take care of him at the hospital. I wonder what else Victor has up his sleeve – I mean aside from the revival of the other nutty Cassadines.

Britt has outdone herself. She gets caught and instead of admitting the entire truth about Ben, she keeps up the game. Why won’t Britt just admit defeat? Come on Britch, just tell the whole truth and give Dante and Lulu their son already. Oh, and let’s hope Nikolas kicks Britt to the curb once he learns everything.

Ava and Julian almost have a sexual tension between them. It’s a little uncomfortable watching them and listening to them threaten each other. But, they certainly are cut from the same cloth. Both Ava and Julia are beyond devious.

And speaking of love, Elizabeth says she still loves Nikolas. Is it too late? I think the only chance Liz and Nik have is for the entire truth to come out about Ben. It’s too bad Elizabeth waited so long to admit her feelings for Nikolas. Even though Nikolas moved on, he still clearly loves Elizabeth. Boy talk about yelling at the TV – all I could do was scream ‘Nikolas, don’t let her go – go after her – this is what you’ve been waiting for.’ He didn’t listen to me.

In actor news, TV Guide’s Michael Logan published a great interview with Kin Shriner (Scott) and Robin Mattson (Heather). Read it here. Kim McCullough (Robin) exits this week as GH celebrates its 13,000th episode.  Also, be sure to watch for the return of Ilene Kristen as Delia and Rick Hearst as Ric this coming week.