General Hospital Check Up week of February 14, 2011

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Carly continues with her obsession

Laura Wright (Carly, GH)What a blow it must have been when Brenda learned Suzanne was working against her. But we must give huge props to Sonny for trying to understand the whole reveal by Suzanne. Once upon a time Sonny wouldn't have taken something this big so well. He's become so forgiving with age.

For a change, Carly seems completely devoted to Michael's healing process. But, she won't fully convince me until she forgets about all this revenge nonsense. That being said, I'd really like to see Carly

confront Brenda with her inaccurate information. Won't Carly be disappointed when she learns she really has next to nothing on Brenda? And I have a feeling Sonny will show some compassion for Brenda and her loss. Sonny won't be so forgiving to Carly, I'm afraid.

It's really rather sad that Carly is so consumed with her wedding breaker news. The sad part is she jumped to the wrong conclusion. Brenda did nothing wrong. The only thing Dante did wrong was not telling Lulu the truth. So poor Carly really has nothing and she doesn't even know it.

Why hasn't Luke told Lulu about Carly's supposed dirt on Dante? Granted – the info is WRONG, but Luke doesn't know that. And Lulu should be informed. Again, I would rather see Dante come forward and tell Lulu the truth. Even though Dante didn't do anything so horrible, he should trust Lulu enough to tell her the truth.

Suzanne is Mrs. Balkan! Did you all see that coming? I didn't and I love it. Wow what a manipulating phony Suzanne is. All this time she pretended to be Brenda's friend. But here's the thing – Suzanne had plenty of access to Brenda so why did she follow her to Port Charles? Why not just handle Brenda in Italy? And why wait all these years to extract revenge on Brenda? Also why did Suzanne call Jason in for security reasons? Seems like there's more here than we know about. An obsessed, crazy artist perhaps?

Speaking of the obsessed artist – James Franco (Franco) returns to General Hospital this coming Friday February 25. Franco will be around on Monday February 28 as well.