General Hospital Check Up Week of February 11, 2013

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Genie Francis returns, but what is Laura hiding?

Genie Francis (Laura, GH)Laura (Genie Francis) is back but it seems she’s hiding something. If you ask me, I think it has something to do with Scotty. With Kin Shriner returning, I’m thinking Laura and Scotty are back together. Maybe they’re going to get married again. Luke has clearly moved on, so it’s time for Laura.

That being said, it’s very sad that Luke and Laura are apart. They were the ‘it’ couple for so many years. Although, Luke didn’t exactly provide Laura with a normal, stable life. She spent much of their marriage on the run. And when she did finally get Luke to settle down, he worked with the mob.

Even more disappointing is neither of Laura’s sons are living in Port Charles. We finally have our Laura back so why not bring back Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) and Nicholas (Tyler Christopher)? It just makes sense.

Heather and Todd are the best pairing ever. They’re so funny and just fun to watch. There’s almost a sick, sexual chemistry between them. But honestly, Roger Howarth (Todd) can steal the show even without a scene partner. He’s just so great.

I can’t help wondering if Heather really did die at the hands (or hand) of Caleb. As much fun as it was to watch Heather get what she deserved, she will be missed. There’s never been a character quite like Heather Webber.

So John and Caleb are definitely two different people. But it’s possible John is related to Caleb. I disagree that Caleb is doing a good job at impersonating John. They have very different mannerisms. They speak different and both men carry themselves very different. And Caleb always wears that leather coat. Have we ever seen John in a long leather coat? I don’t think we have.

Oh Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner) is back! It’s so sad that Frisco didn’t return when his only brother (Tony, Brad Maul) died. And again, there was no sign of Frisco when Georgie died. But Frisco’s now decided that after all these years, he wants a life with Felicia? I think Felicia should choose Mac. As handsome and charming as Frisco is, he’s just not reliable.

Is Steve cheating on Olivia? I sure hope not. He’s such a stand-up guy. But with Scott Reeves out soon, it could be his ticket. Steve is one of the very few ‘nice guys’ on the show. So, hopefully he will leave in a positive way.

In actor news, watch for Rachel Ames to return as beloved nurse Audrey Hardy on March 29. And Jackie Zeman will finally return to the canvas soon as Bobbie.  Although nothing is confirmed, there’s still buzz that John Stamos (ex Blackie) and Rick Springfield (Noah/Eli) could also make a return visit.