General Hospital Check Up - Week of February 10, 2014

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Who really killed Connie?

Kelly Sullivan (Connie, GH)I knew Ava was involved in Connie’s death! I’m certain Ava killed Connie while was on the office floor AJ passed out. I bet Ava heard Connie trying to alert Sonny about Julian. And knowing Ava, she eliminated the problem without a second thought. Only problem is, AJ was there and he remembered something – finally. But Ava will more than likely continue to deny AJ’s accusation. If I know Ava, she’ll convince AJ that he’s the guilty one. That Ava is one sly woman. She’s a back stabbing manipulator, that’s for sure. And as we’ve seen, Ava looks out for Ava. So she certainly won’t let this stand in her way.

I think Robin’s visit with Danny sealed her decision to save Jason. Robin couldn’t hold that baby, knowing she could save his daddy. Robin is just a good soul – she would never let a friend or loved one suffer. Given that, it’s still difficult to swallow that Robin would choose Jason over her own family – Patrick and Emma.

I’ve made it clear I don’t trust Lucas. You could even say I dislike him. But I hate how narrow minded Julian is acting about Lucas being gay. It shouldn’t matter to Julian. If Julian loves his son, then all he should be concerned about is that Lucas is happy and healthy. Alexis is right – Lucas is ‘more than just his sexual orientation.’ And Julian is hardly in a position to judge anyone, about anything. So given all that, I’m not sure how genuine Julian is as far as Lucas is concerned. Will Julian really love and accept Lucas for who he is?

Isn’t it a bit soon for Nikolas to propose to Britt? Is Nik that lonely? I mean Britt is smart and pretty but come on! And don’t you just love the way Elizabeth backed Britt into a corner with that DNA test? I can’t wait for the rest of the truth to come out about Ben. Nikolas is so blind when it comes to who and what Britt really is. Hopefully he will finally come to his senses.

In actor news, Natalia Livingston will be back briefly as Emily – in the form of a ghost once again. Fans were treated to a ghostly appearance by Kelly Sullivan this past week as Connie. Perry Shen (Brad) produced, co-wrote, and stars in the Inde film ‘Unidentified,’ now available on DVD.