General Hospital Check Up Week of December 7, 2009

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Rebecca has the upper hand

Natalia Livingston (Rebecca, General Hospital)So now that Rebecca knows the truth about Nikolas and Elizabeth, what will she do? She claims she'll keep quiet as long as she gets a chance with Lucky. The only thing is, Lucky has no interest in Rebecca. I wonder if she thought of that? I can't say that Rebecca is all that trustworthy. I don't think I'd trust her with such a big secret. I think Rebecca should reconsider Ethan. The guy clearly has feelings for her and he's really not such a bad guy. With Natalia Livingston leaving the show soon, it makes me wonder how and why Rebecca will leave town.

I can't say it enough - Franco is beyond strange. He put out snacks for Jason's impending arrival - how weird was that? For some reason, Franco is completely obsessed with Jason. It's as if he considers Jason a mob superhero. That's kind of funny considering James Franco's background in the Spiderman films. Anyway, the guy is one odd specimen. He wants to be Jason's partner in crime - literally. Franco is very strange and kind of scary. The big reveal finally came - Franco knows the truth about Michael killing Claudia. What will the crazy artist do with that information? Will he blackmail Jason? I can's see Franco turning Michael in. It makes more sense that he would use the information to get what he wants from Jason.

So obviously someone needs to keep Michael in line. Coleman was great when he tried to advise Michael about keeping a low profile. But it was Jason who took the bull by the horns. I've never seen him so harsh with Michael. And it was necessary. Especially when Jason told Michael to "shut up" and "respect" Carly. That was a long time coming. I don't think it would have worked with anyone else but Jason.

I'm still not sold on Lisa. Now she's become a permanent fixture at GH. I can't help but wonder if she has ulterior motives. Is she still carrying a torch for Patrick? If so, will she act on her feelings? And what about Patrick - does he still have feelings for Lisa?

Scott Reeves (Steve, General Hospital)Ok so I'm not a huge fan of recasts. And I really liked the original Steven Lars Webber played by Shaun Benson. But Scott Reeves - well - can we talk? He's adorable and a really engaging actor. I think he's perfect as Steven Lars. I loved Steve's interactions with Rebecca Herbst this past week. Liz really needs her big brother right now. I can't help wondering who Steve will be paired up with romantically. Will he take an interest in Robin?

Once again the adorable Dominic Zamprogna stole the show this past week. That smile of his is simply impossible to resist. I loved it when Dante/Dom told Lucky that he and Lulu were "dating." She gets so flustered around him sometimes - but who could blame her. Honestly - I don't see Lulu crossing the friendship line with Dante/Dom. I think he's gonna end up being to her what Jason is to Carly. Be sure and stay tuned.