General Hospital Check Up Week of December 5, 2011

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Is Michael becoming Sonny?

Chad Duell (Michael, GH)Michael needs to check himself. He’s slowly becoming Sonny – it’s frightening to watch. Michael has to realize that Shawn isn’t the enemy. Michael doesn’t seem to understand that Shawn is protecting Carly, he’s not propositioning her. Like Sonny, Michael is such a hot head. He doesn’t think before acting, he just acts. It’s funny that Sonny and Michael have no blood relation – yet they’re very much alike.

You have to love Mac – he admitted to Alexis that he would ‘cover up’ Lisa’s murder if it turns out Robin or Maxie are guilty. And how funny it was to hear Mac tell Alexis he was showing her his ‘dark side’ when he suggested framing himself for Lisa’s murder. Even funnier to hear Mac say he was being ‘dark’ because that’s what Alexis is ‘attracted to.’

Maxie deserves some serious props lately. She’s not exceptionally bright but she’s brave. Imagine blackmailing Anthony. Honestly, I believe Maxie has a dark side and someone like Anthony can recognize that. He’s attracted to pretty women with a dark side. That could spell future trouble for Maxie.

It’s unlikely that Maxie killed Lisa. The prime suspects in my mind are Johnny, Patrick and Steve. They may have even worked together to get rid of Lisa. I don’t think they planned her murder ahead of time. But it’s possible that they all found themselves at the wrong place, at the wrong time. I’m positive Patrick had a hand in Lisa’s murder. He may have started the process and someone else (like Steve or John) finished it.