General Hospital Check Up Week of December 31, 2012

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The New Year starts off with a bang

Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH)There was certainly plenty of heat in PC when the clock struck twelve this time around. Lulu and Dante celebrated their new family. Patrick came very close to kissing Sabrina. Maxie and Spinelli reverted to their old passionate ways. Carly and Todd finally took the next logical step in their relationship. But how long will their bliss last?

There were a few disturbing events as well. First, poor Ellie was run down by Connie’s car. Ellie was on her way to the hospital roof to meet Spinelli at midnight. Of course, Spinelli’s heart was broken when Ellie didn’t show up. He not only turned to alcohol, he turned to former love Maxie.

Prior to Ellie’s unfortunate accident, Maxie fell down and mis-carried Lulu’s baby. This was tragic on many levels. First, a lot of time, money, and emotion went into creating that baby. And just like that, it was gone.

Second, Maxie not only failed to tell Lulu the truth, she slept with Spinelli just hours after the mi-carriage! That was a stupid move, to say the least.

Here’s the thing – did Maxie and Lulu use protection? I’m thinking they didn’t. Let’s take it a step farther – will the reunion result in Maxie getting pregnant? Forgive me because here it comes – will Maxie remain mum about the miscarriage and pass the baby off as Lulu’s. Maxie certainly is capable of such a thing. And if Ellie survives, Spinelli will more than likely return to her side. So things should get interesting.

In actor news, Steve Burton (Jason) fans will want to tune into ‘The Talk’ Monday on CBS. Burton will be a special guest on the show and he may have something to say about his rumored role on ‘Y & R.’ Burton left ‘GH’ after nearly 20 years, leaving fans wondering about the future of ‘Jason Morgan.’ Check your local listings to see what time ‘The Talk’ airs in your city.