General Hospital Check Up - Week of December 30, 2013

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Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH)Maxie leaves town but not without greeting a handsome stranger

Maxie left town to ‘find herself’ – not a bad idea considering actress Kirsten Storms is due to have her baby later this month.

It was so very ‘Maxie’ to say she was inspired to take a long trip ‘by a Julia Roberts movie.’ Maxie is clueless in most cases, but she’s adorable and loveable. And she’s really trying to make up for her many mistakes.

It was good of Maxie to try and make things right with Lulu before she left town. But for what it’s worth, I don’t think things will ever be the same between them.

Let’s talk about Maxie’s handsome sub letter – Detective Nathan West (Ryan Paevey). He’s in town to take down our handsome Dr. Clay. That alone is reason enough for me to dislike this guy. But, I often grow to love characters that I dislike initially.

Anyway, why is it that Sylas has a skeleton? Couldn’t he just be a normal man who falls in love with Sam? I don’t get it. What did Sylas do that was so awful? And what will happen with Sam when the truth comes out?

Sabrina is pregnant but who’s the father? How do we know for sure it’s Patrick’s child? We never actually saw Sabrina and Carlos on the night of the wedding. So anything could have happened between them. And Sabrina was drunk – so she wouldn’t remember anyway.

Honestly, I dislike Morgan more each time he opens his mouth. It’s time for the boy to grow up. If Morgan wants to go against Sonny, he better be man enough to do so. It’s too bad poor Max got caught in the crossfire.

But how great was it to see Diane at Max’s bedside? It was really great. I miss the two of them together. They were funny and cute and very believable as a couple.

Speaking of cute, how adorable was it to watch Patrick and Robin renew their vows with Emma playing the priest? Priceless. That little girl is the cutest kid around. She totally steals the show every single time.

From the looks of the new promo, Heather is far from dead. But who among us is surprised by that? After all, Heather has more lives in her than Jerry Jacks. And you have to admit – things would be a bit dull without Heather.

In actor news, Kirsten Storms (Maxie) is off on maternity leave. The actress and her husband Brandon Barash (ex Johnny) are expecting their first child later this month. Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) and her husband are expecting their first child in May.