General Hospital Check Up Week of December 3, 2012

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When will Anna learn the truth?

Finola Hughes (Anna, GH)Poor Robert – he knows the truth and Anna won’t buy it. Imagine what Anna will do when she learns the truth for herself. She’s an exceptionally intelligent lady. And we all know that Anna WILL learn the truth – the question is, when? That being said, does Anna completely doubt Robert? I don’t think she does. I do think Anna is so caught up in the idea of another chance with Duke, that she’s not thinking clearly.

The Connie/Johnny situation is kind of sad. It seems Connie may have genuine feelings for Johnny. Johnny on the other hand (in his words) hates Connie. As vile as Connie is, she deserves a fulfilling life. For that matter, so does Johnny. The man has so much on his conscience; he’d be better off just committing himself for a good, long while. But first thing is first – Johnny has to come clean.

Speaking of that dysfunctional mess, why does Connie hate Sonny so much? Didn’t she love Sonny once upon a time? I guess Connie blames Sonny for what happened to her. But she certainly hates Sonny with a true passion, which makes me wonder.

As for AJ, he seems genuine in wanting to turn his life around. It also seems AJ really does love Michael. And Michael is inching toward a relationship with his real father.

And then there’s Todd. He still loves Blair, true. But Todd definitely has some feelings for Carly. So who will it be? If you think about it, Carly really is the perfect match for Todd. The problem is that Todd is keeping too many secrets from Carly. When Carly learns the truth (and she will), that friendship could be over.

In actor news, watch for the return of Lynn Herring as the one and only Lucy Coe. The question is, will Lucy save the Nurses Ball? Keep watching to find out.