General Hospital Check Up - Week Of December 29, 2008

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Happy New Year & it's finally a nice day for a Scrubs wedding


Kimberly McCullough, Jason Thompson (Robin, Patrick, GH)With the holiday schedule, General Hospital only aired three new episodes during the week of Christmas.  The same went for the week of New Year’s.  This week, I’ve combined both holiday weeks together into one column.

I think Sonny lost the right to see his kids long before Carly and Jason took it away from him.  Carly was very generous allowing Sonny to visit with Morgan.  There’s a genuine sweetness when those two actors interact.  The little boy who plays Morgan is one of the cutest kids on daytime television.

It seems like Carly and Sonny have finally stopped blaming each other for Michael’s situation.  The whole birthday visit was sad and it was a reminder that the life of a child is precious.  Sometimes I think we tend to forget that. 
So Luke finally had some interaction with Robert.  They kind of ruined the Luke/Robert reunion when they reduced the two former heroes to drunken has beens.  I would think they could find something better to do than challenge each other to a drink off.  These two characters were the heroes of my youth.  Why aren’t they given more respect?

The crazy Russian lawyer is finally dead.  Thank you.  I have a few more on my list if anyone is interested.

So Sam falls in a pit and “dreams” that she saved Jake instead of watching him get taken by an unstable woman?  What was that?  Again, Sam’s redemption is being shoved down our throats.  Maybe they’re trying to turn Sam into Emily.  I got news for them – it isn’t working.

This year’s Christmas episode was incredibly sweet – the Jingle Jackal – who else but Spinelli is pure enough and sweet enough to spread the joys of Santa?  As much as I enjoy the mob stories, it was very refreshing that the holiday episode didn’t center on Sonny, Jason, or the Zacchara clan. 

Surprisingly, my favorite part of the New Year’s Eve episode was watching Carly and Jax.  This was the first time I actually liked these two characters together in many months.  I found Jax sweet and endearing.  Jax finally showed love and respect for Carly, the woman he vowed to spend the rest of his life with.  As usual, Carly was delightful.  Even though I don’t always agree with Carly, I can’t help but love her.

The Scrubs wedding was beautiful and well done.  The old clips were such a treat for those of us old enough to remember them.  I especially loved the flashback that Robert and Anna simultaneously had.  It’s always so sweet to see Robin as a little girl.  Many of us watched Kim McCullough and Robin grow up before our eyes on our televisions.  As for the wedding - it was short and sweet – just the way a wedding should be.  There were great moments between Robin and Robert.  There were equally great moments between Robin and uncle Mac.

For me, the highlight of the wedding was hearing Bradford Anderson sing while Spinelli danced with Maxie.  It’s no secret that I love Bradford.  He’s a joy to watch and listen to.  I think it’s great when they incorporate Bradford’s singing and dancing into the story.

I can’t watch Claudia’s frantic search for Jerry’s DVD much longer.   I’ll admit that Sarah Brown is brilliant as Claudia.  She’s frantic and crazed over Jerry’s little game.   Sarah plays the part beautifully but I just want her to find the first disk and move on to the next one.   I hate how they’ve reduced Jerry to a DVD rerun.  I sure hope they don’t drag this out too much longer.

There’s a new woman in town and it seems she has her eye on Spinelli.  I already don’t trust her. 

I can’t conclude without some comments on the past year.  Unfortunately, there were some big disappointments for me.  I don’t want to dwell on the negative so I’ll only talk about a few things that made me unhappy in 2008:

No more Jerry Jacks/Sebastian Roche – it was sad to see such a great character and brilliant actor leave the canvas.  So much more could have been explored with Jerry.  Unfortunately, they tried to reform Jerry and make him a “normal” member of society.  Most of us realized Jerry was just playing everyone and he never changed a bit.  He was as devious and dangerous as ever until the day he “died.”

Carly begging Jax for another chance over and over – she needs to have more respect for herself.  Carly is beautiful, loyal and smart – any man would be lucky to have her in his life.

The death of Liason – after all these years, this couple should have found happiness and become a family.  They deserved much more than they got and so did their fans.

Michael’s shooting and the sadness that surrounded it – it’s never easy to see a tragedy centered on a child.  Michael’s shooting destroyed lives and relationships.  It permanently changed the Corinthos/Morgan dynamic.  Most of all, it was just plain sad to watch.

With the bad, came the good.  There were many great moments in 2008.  For me, these were a few of the things that really stood out:

Jerry Jacks/Sebastian Roche  – especially the weeks before his departure – Jerry went out as devious and crazy as he came in.  Jerry’s exit was perfectly written and brilliantly acted.

Diane Miller – she’s a smart, funny, delightful woman.  She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to admit it.  Even when all else failed, Diane kept me laughing in 2008. 

The return of Genie Francis/Laura’s awakening – finally fans saw Laura “recover.”  It was beautiful and emotional and nobody does that like Genie Francis does.  The door was left open for Laura’s return, which was a good thing.

The brilliance of Bradford Anderson – as usual, Bradford had a banner year.  I’ve said it over and over – Bradford is an amazing actor.  He continues to light up the screen everyday.

The Scrubs wedding – it was nice to see a wedding end on a happy note.  The wedding also paid tribute to some Scorpio family history.  All in all it was just nice to see a wedding based on love and free from violence.

I’m sure you’ll all join me in hoping 2009 brings us an exciting year of General Hospital.  I hope your holidays were bright, and the coming year brings you all much peace and love.  Happy New Year.