General Hospital Check Up Week of December 24, 2012

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The Best of 2012

Finola Hughes (Anna, GH)2012 was an exciting year for ‘General Hospital’ fans. Yes, there were disappointments, but the good far outshined the bad.

Here are just a few of my favorites brought to us by former ‘One Life to Live’ geniuses (Head Writer) Ron Carlivati and (EP) Frank Valentini:

Many fans were skeptical upon learning of some key ‘One Life to Live’ characters were headed to Port Charles. But it worked! And it worked better than we imagined it could.

Who better than Todd Manning to bring some excitement to town? Especially when he was paired so beautifully with crazy Connie and the all too trusting Carly. Todd (and his wonderful portrayer Roger Howarth) brought some comedy, sarcasm, and light to Port Charles.

As for Star, she really is the perfect girl for Michael. They have so much in common. Both have experienced horrific loss and both have kind hearts and crazy fathers.

And who among us doesn’t love John McBain? The character fits in so well at the PCPD. And he has a long history with Anna – that just makes the story better.

Speaking of history. My absolute favorite element of 2012 was the rich ‘General Hospital’ history that was revisited. In addition to Anna, some of our favorite past key characters were brought back.

Forgive me if I leave someone out:

Robert returned in time to save Anna from Faison and he learned Robin was alive. AJ returned from the dead and was determined to be a father to Michael. Ned returned for Edward’s funeral. Lucy, Felicia, and Duke, also returned to the canvas in 2012.

Some of our favorite criminals returned as well in the form of Jerry, Helena, and Faison. These were the criminals we truly love to hate. The criminals that no other soap can compete with. And the ones that (thankfully) will never die.

On the down side, we lost veteran actor John Ingle and his beloved character Edward. And Steve Burton decided his time as Jason Morgan was over.

Of course we were left with many questions. Will Robin be saved? Will Anna and Duke reunite? When will Carly learn the truth about Todd? Will Johnny tell Star the truth? Will we ever see Kate again? Is Jason really dead?

In actor news, according to TV Guide journalist Michael Logan, Steve Burton (Jason) could be heading to Genoa City. Read more here.