General Hospital Check Up - Week of December 2, 2013

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Patrick learns the truth

Jason Thompson (Patrick, GH)All I can say is wow! We were treated to some wonderful writing and acting this week. I especially loved that Emma saw Robin walking away and she cried ‘mommy?’ At that moment, nothing else mattered. When Robin turned around and Emma ran to her – that was a really great moment.

How many of you were sure Patrick would choose Robin when he learned the truth? I was. I thought he would break things off with Sabrina right away. Patrick obviously loves Robin but is that love enough to salvage what they once had? Sometimes you just can’t pick up where you left off. It’s very sad, but true.

As for Sabrina, you have to feel for her. Sabrina was so close to getting the family she’s been wanting. It should be interesting when she and Robin talk. Will Robin be nice – I wonder? We have to remember that Robin has a lot to lose here. She really can’t afford to be nice to the competition at this point.

In a perfect world, Robin, Patrick, and Emma would be a family immediately. And Sabrina would marry Carlos. The adults would become friends eventually. But these people don’t live in a perfect world.

I was really bothered by Maxie’s decision to commit suicide. If she had gone through with it, all Maxie would have done was prove she wasn’t fit to raise her child. Good thing Robin came along when she did. Here’s hoping Robin can help Maxie get her life together; It’s the only way Maxie might have a shot at raising her baby.

I really love watching Laura Wright (Carly) and Roger Howarth (Franco) together. What I don’t love is watching Carly and Franco together. I just find their romance hard to swallow. I miss Todd Manning. Now Todd and Carly were a believable couple.

It looks like we’ve seen the last of Jerry – at least for now. Jerry survived yet again (yay!) but how will he live without Robin’s cure?

In actor news, Rick Springfield confirmed in a fan Q&A in Detroit that he was asked to return to ‘GH’ for the wedding of Patrick and Sabrina. Springfield told fans he couldn’t accommodate the soap because he was busy touring. Read more about Springfield’s Detroit concert here.