General Hospital Check Up - Week of December 15, 2009

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Jerry challenges Claudia and Robert Scorpio returns


Sarah Brown (Claudia, General Hospital)I found the whole supposed return of Jerry to be a big jip.  The magazines led us to believe Jerry was still alive.  That we would actually see Jerry interact with Claudia.  Jerry made it clear on the DVD that the reason Claudia received it at all was because he had either left town or “died trying.”  So, obviously no proof that Jerry survived the boat explosion.  I was really hoping for some proof that Jerry is alive.  Now that we got that out of the way, how did Jerry hear of Claudia’s possible marriage to Sonny?  Who mailed the DVD to Claudia?  Was it Jerry, because he did, in fact, survive the explosion?  Also, when and how did Jerry find the time and opportunity to hide a series of DVD’s in Sonny’s house?  And where in the heck is the “window” to Claudia’s soul?  What does that even mean?  This whole story is a bit far-fetched and disappointing.  I was hoping for much more with Jerry’s return.  All we got was his wonderful smugness and sarcasm on a DVD.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the crumbs but now I’m craving the entire portion.

Speaking of Jerry, Alexis sort of laid her cards on the table about him when she commiserated with Luke.  The only time I enjoy Alexis is when she interacts with Luke.  I enjoy their interactions because they are open and honest together.  I find it very endearing the way Luke calls Alexis “Natasha.” 

Alexis fell back into her old habits when she visited Sonny.  After her whole joke of a “relationship” with Jerry, Alexis had the nerve to warn Sonny not to step out of line.  Alexis took a little of the blame for letting things go unpunished in the past, I’ll give her that.  But, she had plenty of opportunities to learn what Jerry was really up to and she chose not to.  So, she’s far from redeemed herself in my eyes.

Again, I’m not that interested in Nadine or her aunt’s will.  I just can’t seem to invest in this character or her extended family.  The fact that Nadine’s aunt left her some sort of farm patent didn’t help.  I’m just not seeing the point of this whole story yet.  Is there one?

Again with Sam and the Russians?  Why hasn’t Jason rid the town of this Russian element?  Why is this Sasha woman still alive?  I may have spoken too soon on that one though.  I’m really hopeful that Sasha has drawn her last breath.

I give Johnny Z major props this week.  First, he took a manual labor job selling Christmas trees.  Then, he didn’t even react to being disrespected by that obnoxious customer.  Finally, Johnny turned down Claudia’s offer of money.  I admire Johnny for trying to make his own way in the world.  I think he has such potential if he just stays away from his crazy cartoon family.

It was nice to see the return of Robert Scorpio.  Seeing Robert pretty much saved the week for me.  I’m looking forward to more with the Scorpio family.  I’m also looking forward to some interaction between Luke and Robert this week.