General Hospital Check Up - Week Of December 1, 2008

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The revenge of Carly and other stories


Laura Wright (Carly, General hospital)I think Carly will be true to her word and make Kate sorry she ever passed through Port Charles.  The thought of Carly teaming up with Trevor is interesting.  Not in a romantic or couples way though.  I think they could put their heads together and destroy anyone.  Either way, I can’t wait to see Kate’s demise at the hands of Carly.  Kate stuck in a hotel elevator while Carly entertains Kate’s guests at the Crimson party was a good start.  Did I mention how much I loved the fact that Carly showed up wearing Kate’s dress?  Now this is a story I can really get behind.

So Sonny married Claudia, kissed the bride, and cut the cake. Then he took a meeting with his new mob underlings.  Sonny really scares me lately; he looks like he’s right on the verge of a mental breakdown.  Now Claudia wants to get “physical” with Sonny.  Sonny wants a no emotions attached marriage.  That should be interesting, considering what an emotional mess Sonny is.

The one I feel sorry for is Ric.  Here he’s finally on the verge of possibly finding love with Claudia and she marries Sonny of all people.  What a slap in the face that is to Ric.  You can see the devastation on the guy’s face.  Not that Claudia is Ric’s perfect mate.  But he seems to genuinely like her and the two of them have amazing chemistry.  That’s not to say Ric is deserving of happiness.  He’s caused enough problems for people over the years.  And I haven’t forgotten how Ric locked Carly in that panic room.  So all isn’t forgiven and forgotten with Ric.  But I do believe he deserves some degree of happiness, even if it is with Claudia.

I’m not understanding, loving, or caring about Johnny and Lulu running away, chapter 2.  They went through all that nonsense then suddenly, they’re not leaving?   I was actually happy to hear that Johnny and Lulu were leaving town for a while.  I was hoping they would come back more grown up and wearing different clothes. 

As much as I love seeing the Q’s I don’t like seeing them as merely occasional comic relief.  We see them, maybe once every week or so and nothing really comes of it.  I laugh with them and enjoy them but they have no substance.  What ever happened to history?  Why have these wonderful characters become nothing but background for other stories and other characters?  Why have they become just a brief diversion or an occasional laugh?  There’s such a lack of respect for veteran characters like the Q’s, Bobbie, and Mac.  How is it possible that Jerry was in town for almost two years, yet he never interacted with Bobbie?  When I first started watching General Hospital, these characters were front and center.  It’s a shame what they’ve been reduced to.

The magazines and the message boards are saying Jerry survived the explosion.  It seems Jerry will rear his psychotic head once again mid month and briefly.  I’m not sure what they hope to accomplish.  The way I figure it, there are three possible outcomes.  Jerry will either go to prison, disappear for real, or die.  I don’t love any of those choices.  It doesn’t make sense that they would release an actor then bring him back so soon.  

Why must I watch Nikolas interact with the Crowell family?  Did we need to meet Nadine’s aunt, uncle, and cousin?  Honestly, I couldn’t care less about Nadine or her family.  This story isn’t interesting or engaging and it needs to go away.

This whole thing with Sam helping to rescue Jake – are we to pretend that Sam is now redeemed?  Since Sam rescued the child she once put at risk, should we embrace her?  Compliment her?  Does one “good deed” cancel out the fact that Sam watched as Jake was kidnapped?  Does it cancel out the fact that she hired two men to scare Liz and her kids in the park?  Should Sam be completely forgiven for her past mistakes regarding Elizabeth and her kids?  If I was the mother of those kids, I wouldn’t forgive or forget what Sam did in the past, sorry.

Friday ended with quite a literal bang.  Jason with guns blazing in both hands while Sam did her best to fight off Sasha.  At the same time, Liz was trashing her studio and all her memories of Jason along with it.  Will Jake get out alive?  I’m hearing he will, thanks to Sam

We’ve seen zero Jason and Elizabeth interaction this week.  I’m not sure what they are hoping to accomplish by alienating this couple.  Aside from making their fans miserable, that is.  Why not give them a shot at a life together?  I think they have a fighting chance.  Stranger things have happened.

Some friends and I were comparing Jason and Liz to Sonny and Brenda.  Personally, I find Liason a sweet and honest couple.  I see them as a more open and passionate stab at love.  Even with his damaged brain, Jason is much saner than Sonny is or ever was.   Sonny is unstable and incredibly volatile.  He has a habit of manhandling women.  Sonny and Brenda were built on lies and violence.  They were an unhealthy and dysfunctional union.  At the time, I thought Brenda and Sonny were the ultimate couple.  Thinking about it now, Sonny and Brenda were quite an unhealthy couple – a mess in fact.    Jason and Elizabeth are the anti Sonny and Brenda.  Looking at all the anguish both couples cause for fans, I do see a definite connection. 

Tracy and Luke in the Dominican Republic is another story that needs some work.  I’d like to see more from them then just bickering and drinking.  Hopefully Robert’s return will turn Luke around a bit.