General Hospital Check Up Week of August 8, 2011

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Sonny is out of control

Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH)Sonny simply must win when he goes to battle with Jax - even if the prize is someone else’s child. It all goes back to the violent history with Sonny and Jax – over Brenda. But Jax and Sonny have a lot in common. Both will go to any means to get what they want.   Sonny is much more devious and dangerous though.

The violent side of Sonny doesn’t come out often. When it does, it’s very frightening. Sonny is so livid over

losing Brenda that he’s taking it out on Jax. Sonny is insane. He went gunning after Jax not even considering that a child’s safety is involved. And isn’t that the point – to get Joss back home safely?

Shawn sure has Sonny’s number. When people get in Sonny’s way, they either die or disappear. Once Sonny has his mind set, there’s no talking him out of it. Even Dante gets it. It’s all about getting even and winning, as far as Sonny is concerned.

And as Dante said, Sonny needs to own up for the reason Brenda left. It had nothing to do with Jax. It was all about Sonny and the choices he made. Time for Sonny to grow up – Dante is right. Sonny has to get over the fact that Brenda left him and the final nail in the coffin was Sonny’s over the top reaction of framing Jax.

Sonny has no morals and no scruples. To do what he did to Dante was beyond reproach. And why was he lurking around the hospital spying on Matt? That’s not typical behavior for Sonny. I think he’s been off the meds too long and is heading for a breakdown. He’s become paranoid and violent – and dangerous.

I do admire Abby’s self-respect. She really has a good grasp on who she is and what she wants out of life. Michael needs to do some growing up and stop trying to emulate Sonny. I think Michael has a difficult time interacting normally with people. He doesn’t understand the boundaries in life. Abby understands and she can guide Michael. He really needs guidance from someone normal.

What’s going on with some of the most colorful PC couples? Not only has Megan Ward (Kate) been recast, the character broke up with Coleman (Blake Gibbons). And what’s with Diane and Max? But – I can see Diane hooking up with Coleman and that would be fun to watch. We don’t see nearly enough of Coleman or Diane. Imagine them as a real couple – the possibilities are endless.