General Hospital Check Up - Week Of August 4, 2008

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Sam and Jerry keep things interesting and Lulu gets an unwelcomed visitor


Kelly Monaco (Sam, General Hospital)What an entertaining pair Jerry and Sam make.  Jerry pretty much admitted to Sam that he’s using Alexis.  He even feigned being “offended” by Sam’s accusation.  I love how Jerry said he and Sam “have a lot in common.”  For criminal and a killer, Jerry certainly has an eloquent way of putting things. “We're survivors, and capable of the occasional kindness when it doesn’t cost us much, but far more invested in what we can get for ourselves in the moment. But I see in your eyes a reflection of my own. Now we struggle to do what's right, to walk into the light, but one short step, one little trip-up, and we're back on the dark side, because we both know that it's so much more exciting, don’t we?” Jerry told Sam.  Jerry’s offer to “change” Sam’s “mind” by sleeping with her was such classic Jerry.  Jerry thinks Sam is “hostile” toward him because he “stopped pursuing” her and moved on to Alexis.  Sam is having none of Jerry’s phony “I’m a changed man” song and dance.  Sam is determined to connect the dots and prove that Jerry is involved in the fake meds.  Lots of luck with that Sam.  Whatever happens, it’s so great to have the sarcastic, smug, witty Jerry back, finally.

It would have been more interesting if Jerry had been the one to find Carly snooping through the Karpov shipment.  It made no sense that Jerry tried to kill Jason since Jason is connected to Carly, which connects him to Jax.  Jerry went to a lot of trouble to get Carly to like him last year. Why is he shooting at Jason when Carly could easily get shot too?  One more thing bothers me.  Jerry knows how to hit a target.  Did he miss on purpose?

Lets go back to Sweet Sam for a minute.  Suddenly she’s the genius of Port Charles?  She’s got the drug mystery all figured out.  She’s sure Jerry is involved.  Look out Mac!  Sam could take your job any minute.  Jinkies.  “Maybe all of this leads to Karpov and the drugs,” said super sleuth Sam.  FYI Sam – stop lurking around the clinic and the alleys with Lucky.  You “broke up,” remember?
Carly putting Kate “on notice” was just classic Carly.  I really think Carly should kick Kate’s ass to the curb, Anna Devane style.

Carly is once and for all over Sonny.  She made that perfectly clear when she basically told Jason Sonny is betraying him.  Carly said, “if Sonny’s a threat, you have to treat him like one.”  Carly understands Sonny better than anyone else.

Karpov and Carly.  Karpov is getting creepy.  As a mobster, I think Karpov is fantastic.  But Carly’s choice for an affair?  Don’t think so.  “I find I like you more as time passes,” Karpov said to Carly.  Um, you just met her 10 minutes ago.  I think Carly held her own with Karpov.  She got a little nervous when he moved in for the kiss.  Even though I thought Carly could handle the situation, I was glad Marty ran to Jason.

Nikolas is on fire lately.  Tyler Christopher has really been on his game.  He has such a unique way with the sarcasm and dry humor.  I look forward to seeing him every day.  “I sincerely hope you’re not hiding under Matt Hunter’s bed or in jail,” said Nik to Nadine’s voicemail.  Nik topped himself when he told Nadine, “stop stalking him, stalker.”

It’s been a long wait but we finally saw Nikolas and Jerry interact.  They have some of the best hostility in Port Charles. 

So let's see. You held me hostage. You poisoned
      me. You blackmailed me. And now you're here. Why?

Yes. No need to hear my litany of transgressions.
I'm quite aware, thank you.

Good. Then you understand why I don't believe
a word that comes out of your mouth. And why
I'm looking for a scalpel right now to stab you
in the heart.

Yes, I understand that you're angry, but  I'm
    making a sincere attempt to turn my life around.

Oh, in other words, you're here to suck up to me.


So, I'll stop telling Alexis that she's insane
for getting involved with you.

Absolutely. What I have to tell you is very important.
Otherwise, I wouldn't be standing in this room,
surrounded by surgical instruments. 

Lulu is seeing dead people.  Logan at the piano was just too weird.  The way he smiled and looked at her, I couldn’t help but laugh.  I’m sure that’s not the reaction they were going for.  They took it to the next ridiculous level when Logan held the birthday cake.  The only good thing about this story is the return of Genie Francis’ Laura. 

I’m not surprised Jason hired Cody.  I don’t love Cody but that could change.  

Sonny truly is a pathological liar.  He’s always been one.  When you look at Sonny’s history, his life was always based on lies.

Is the coffee house Jason’s office or is it a frat house?  First, we have Spinelli jumping on a chair and spinning around.  Then, Maxie busts in and squeals about how great she is at keeping secrets.  Poor Jason.  People who obviously give him a headache surround him.  The three of them are like a motherless, dysfunctional family.  Sidebar comment: it’s nice to see Jason bought some new black shirts.

I’m certain Matt is working under cover to find the source of the illegal drugs.  There’s too much that doesn’t add up with him.  Our only hope is that super sleuth Sam can figure it out.