General Hospital Check Up Week of August 31, 2009

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Let the carnival begin

Steve Burton (Jason, General Hospital)Sorry but I'm still not buying the newfound JaSam love. It just makes no sense to me that Jason would do a complete turnaround about Sam. All of a sudden they gaze into each other's eyes like a couple of lovesick kids. It's weird and uncomfortable and unbelievable. As a mom, if a man did what Sam did to my child, I would NEVER have contact with him again. I would also make certain he was punished. And I would never, ever forgive him.

Speaking of JaSam, what's with Spinelli? He was as giddy as a child when he learned Sam and Jason are trying again. Wasn't Spinelli the one who told Jason to make a life with "the maternal one?" Why is he doing such an about face?

And what is with Carly? She's supporting Jason's relationship with Sam? Since when? Carly hates Sam and she doesn't approve of her. Why isn't Carly trying to talk Jason out of being with Sam? And Carly's reasoning was Sam and Jason are "compatible." That hardly makes a relationship.

I have to say I was pretty amused watching Carly's reaction to Olivia telling Dante/Dominic off after he flirted with Lulu. Olivia made some references to Sonny and Carly caught on right away. How long before Carly figures out who Dante/Dominic really is? At the very least she'll figure out he's Olivia's son. Then once Carly does the math, she'll figure out the rest.

Dante/Dominic is now the bodyguard for Sonny's kids - now that I LIKE. I wonder how this will resolve itself though. By the time Sonny learns the truth about his first-born son, his other kids will have formed unbreakable bonds with him. Someplace along the line, Dante/Dominic will have to choose between his family and his job. I think he's gonna choose his family. I don't see him working for Sonny but I do see him giving up his investigation for the sake of his siblings.

I have to say, Dominic Zamprogna is a joy to watch. He's cute, funny, and very natural. Thank you Canada for this wonderful gift. He's ours now and you can't have him back, sorry.

Ingo Rademacher (Jax, General Hospital)I'm glad Michael decided to live with Carly and Jax. I think Michael has such potential and Jax is a good father figure for him. Michael must trust Jax to some extent since he told Jax the truth about Jerry. I still can't tell if Jax really wants Michael in his house or if he's doing it for Carly's sake. No matter, Jax is putting his feelings aside like the gallant White Knight he is.

I love remembering (from Night Shift Season one) that Spinelli fears clowns. They scare the heck out of me personally. The only thing more frightening than a clown is a person wearing a mask. I enjoyed Spinelli the clown making his way through the carnival. For me, it's always a sign of a gifted actor when it doesn't seem like they're acting. That's how I felt when Spinelli the clown ran into Sonny at the carnival. It was all so natural and convincing and I got the sense the actors were enjoying themselves. When Sonny laughed, it wasn't Sonny laughing, it was Maurice laughing. I feel the same way watching Sonny interact with his kids and Molly. It doesn't feel like they're acting. It feels like they have a genuine chemistry with each other.

So Claudia is pretty convincing as the understanding stepmother. But we all know better, don't we? She claims not to hold a grudge against Kristina. Who could blame her if she did? I think Claudia plans on giving Kristina a giant shove from the top of that ferris wheel. Wait and see.

Ok, how cute was the "dunk a hunk tank?" Cuter than cute. Patrick was adorable, as were Dante/Dominic, Ethan, and Johnny. Leave it to little Molly to make certain they hit the water. And how scary was the fortuneteller lady? Scarier than scary.

There's so much action going on at the carnival. I love the stories that bring so many characters together in one place. It seems disaster is looming. The action picks up on Tuesday. Monday's GH is a rerun due to the holiday. Happy and safe Labor Day.