General Hospital Check Up week of August 3, 2009

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Kristina continues to weave her tangled web

Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina, General Hospital)Will Kristina ever tell Michael the truth? She claims to be his "best friend" yet she hasn't confessed that she may have caused Claudia's car accident. I would hope Kristina would want to lessen her brother's guilt, but maybe that's just me. Kristina is quite the messed up girl. She's sneaky, dishonest, and she has zero common sense. How did this girl become such a train wreck? It's kind of ironic - Alexis kept Sonny out of Kristina's life, yet she still turned out to be a mess. I wonder what kind of person Kristina would be if Sonny had been actively involved in her life?

I do really enjoy Molly and Morgan's interaction. I think these two little ones are pretty sharp for their age. I was disappointed Molly told Kiefer about the email from Michael. Too bad Kiefer didn't go into his violent rage in front of Sonny. It's pretty obvious Sonny sees right through Kiefer's fake charm.

It seems Johnny Zacchara has a conscience after all. He was livid over Claudia's contact with Jerry. And Johnny is truly worried about the safety of Michael and Kristina at the hands of Jerry. Johnny seems to have washed his hands of Claudia and we can't really blame him, can we? The big question is this - will Johnny tell Sonny about Claudia's role in the shooting? And if he does, will he also mention that Claudia called upon Jerry to find Michael and Kristina? If Johnny spills all, Claudia better run - fast and far.

So Dante/Dominic is a "good guy" after all. I kind of figured as much. But when and how will Sonny finally learn that Dante/Dominic is his son? And what happens then? Will Dante/Dominic become another Corinthos casualty? Or will Olivia tell Sonny the truth to save her son's life? Knowing how he feels about fatherhood, Sonny will surely take issue with being kept out of Dante/Dominic's life. At the very least, Sonny can confide in Luke about the disappointment of having a cop in the family. But what about Dante/Dominic? Given his profession, how will he react to being the first-born son of Sonny Corinthos?

It was kind of interesting when Dante/Dominic had an almost fatherly moment with Sonny. Poor Dante/Dominic had just seen his mother in a compromising position with Johnny and he sort of confided in Sonny about it. That whole older woman with a younger man aspect really seemed to bother Dante/Dominic. Sonny even confided a bit of his own childhood to Dante/Dominic. I think Sonny kind of likes the kid, don't you?

Jerry is apparently back to his old tricks. Though this time he's calling himself "Mr. Dalton." I think Jerry's used just about every James Bond reference out there (Craig, Brosnan, Dalton). Funny how Jerry just happened to show up in time to save the day wasn't it? Michael is suspicious but Kristina is totally buying into Jerry's hero act. I hope Michael figures out Jerry's game before it's too late.

Either way, it looks like Jerry's reunion with Sam could get interesting. He takes such pleasure in tormenting her. It's to the point of being comical. Sam is clearly no match for Jerry so things could turn out badly for her. Also, according to Sebastian Roche's latest tweet, we haven't seen the last of Jerry. Roche tweeted over the weekend that he's "going back for a day next week to GH!" So, good news for us Jerry fans - Jerry's story isn't over yet.

In other good news, Steve Burton has said he's "staying" at GH. Burton thanked his supporters via Twitter and said he's sticking around and "looking forward to this next year." This is very good news for us Steve Burton fans. I can't help wondering if maybe there's hope for Liason after all? I'm hoping ...