General Hospital Check Up Week of August 26, 2013

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Are Scotty and Laura over forever?

Genie Francis (Laura, GH)Scotty told Laura he wants a divorce – that was fast. I figured they would last a little bit longer. At least a year, maybe even two. But, it’s for the best. Laura fell for Scotty when she was a teenager. Now she’s a grown woman. That ship has sailed, as they say. Both Scotty and Laura seemed to accept the truth about their relationship pretty easily. They were holding onto something that died a long time ago. But does this mean there’s still a chance for a Luke and Laura reunion?

Did AJ shoot Connie? Did he really pull the trigger? I’m not sure he did. It feels like a large piece of the puzzle is missing. I just don’t buy it – Connie wrote AJ’s name in her blood but did she finish her sentence? Maybe not. Maybe she had more to say but ran out of time. And speaking of the blood written message, does anyone remember years ago when Dianna Taylor (Steve Webber’s adopted mother) was shot and she implicated Heather with a message in blood? Interesting use of some great ‘GH’ history. But I’m still not convinced AJ is guilty. But who would want Connie dead – that’s the question.

It was difficult watching Sonny talk to Connie as she lay bleeding to death on her office floor. Why he didn’t call for help immediately is beyond me. And why didn’t Sonny put some pressure on Connie’s wound? Sonny knows better, so that didn’t make sense. Connie may have survived if Sonny would have made better choices.

Spinelli finally knows the truth about the baby. But what will he do with the information? Will he tell Dante and Lulu the truth? And should Spinelli forgive Ellie for keeping the truth from him for so long? I don’t think Ellie deserves forgiveness. That being said, although I don’t agree with what Ellie did, she wasn’t the only guilty party. Most of the blame for Spinelli’s deceit goes to Maxie. She was wrong to try and pass off that baby as Dante and Lulu’s child. Maxie should have told the truth from the beginning. There’s just no getting around it. Whatever happens, I just don’t see Spinelli handing his child over to someone else – even Dante and Lulu.

In actor news, Jeffrey Vincent Parise joins the soap later this month as ‘Carlos,’ a man with a past connection to Sabrina. Fans of Rains brothers Ethan (ex Leo, ‘GH:NS’) and Dominic (ex Leo, ‘GH’/’GH:NS’) can still help raise funds for the new short film ‘Still Here’ by clicking this link.