General Hospital Check Up - Week of August 25, 2014

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Lulu & Maxie go from the frying pan into the fire

Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH)So Levi (Peter) has a vendetta against Felicia it seems. I can’t even remember when his father was with Felicia back in the 80’s. But I’m still confused as to why Levi still has Maxie and Lulu. What purpose can the two of them serve? Clearly Maxie and Lulu just plain annoy Levi with their constant chatter. Levi is just a bumbling idiot and Maxie and Lulu know how to play on his insecurities.


I suppose Frisco could still be bitter about losing Felicia to Mac. Last time we saw Frisco, he was embarrassed and defeated. But would he endanger Maxie to get revenge on Mac and Felicia? I kind of doubt it. Frisco was very supportive of Maxie when we last saw them together. I can’t imagine that he would allow someone like Levi anywhere near her.

The insanity continues with Nina Clay. What a blow it was to learn that she can’t have a baby. Who else thinks Nina will get her hands on Ava’s baby? In Nina’s eyes that would be sweet revenge.

Speaking of Ava, I knew she didn’t have it in her to kill Michael. Ava knows how much Kiki cares for Michael. I don’t think Ava would ever do anything intentional to hurt her daughter. But fake Luke best watch out. Ava is a lot of things (many of them bad), but she loves her daughter. That doesn’t excuse most of the things she’s done. But I have to give Ava some credit for protecting her daughter like the mother bear she is.

In actor news, it looks like the role of Jason Morgan will be recast in the form of Billy Miller (ex Billy, “Y&R”). At the moment, details aren’t available on Miller’s first air date.