General Hospital Check Up - Week Of August 25, 2008

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"Mama" returns and Spinelli saves Maxie


Genie Francis (Laura, General Hospital)Spinelli pushed Maxie out of the way and got run down by a car outside the Karpov warehouse.  Was Jerry driving the car that hit Spinelli?  Will we ever find out or will it just be dropped like Stan’s murder?  I’m floored that Spinelli had all those women around trying to protect him from Matt.
Why is Jerry now reduced to mumbling in a foreign tongue?   Can't they give him some lines in English too?  Ok (sigh) they finally did give him lines and I'm almost sorry I asked.  He took a picnic to Alexis (gag).  As Jerry would say, Oh Come on!  I loved it when Sam walked in but why did she stay mum?  I saw a little bit of nervousness on Jerry’s face when Sam said, “there’s no time like the present.”  I think super sleuth Sam is building a case against Jerry so she can take it to Alexis.

Finally some Jacks brothers interaction.  The only way I can even listen to Jax is when he's with Jerry.  I love them together.  I love how Jerry always calls out Jax for being a failure as a husband.   I hope Jerry will "save" Carly or Jax from Karpov eventually.  Karpov is becoming more interesting to me - I think Jax is in way over his head with this one.  It makes me certain Jerry will be coming to either his or Carly's rescue soon.
I love it when Jerry shows concern for Carly in front of Jax.   Those three need to interact more.  Raise your hand if you think Carly was lying about staying away from Karpov.  My hand is in the air, way high up.  All in all, not nearly enough Jerry this week - I thought we were finished with those 3 line days with him. 

I still don’t care for him but HUGE props to Jax for checking the phone records and finding out what a story telling “you know what” Kate is.  I especially loved the way Kate back stepped and tried to cover her skinny ass.  The best part was the look of smug satisfaction on Carly's face when Jax reprimanded Kate.
I must have been very good Tuesday to get the gift of Jerry and Sam.  I love how alike Jerry thinks he and Sam are.  And Jerry would drop Alexis yesterday if Sam would give him a try.  I wonder how far Sam will go with this?  She absolutely gave Jerry the impression she would get into bed with him if he stays away from Alexis.

Jerry was Maxie's hero this week and I loved it.  I get very excited when he pulls out his gun.  I think Jerry and Maxie sort of came to an understanding when he financed Coop’s burial.  Maxie doesn’t seem afraid of Jerry or intimidated by him. 

That whole hopping and spitting thing with Kate was so absurd, it was funny.  I'm all for throwing salt over my shoulder to get rid of the “multiple curses” but come on!  There was more cryptic talk of Olivia.  It made me wonder if Kate is with Sonny to prove a point - that's she's not the dud she's been accused of being.
Claudia, please get Lucky under control - beat him up, have sex with him, whatever it takes - just do it soon.

Claudia floored me when she opened up Ric’s robe.  Whatever she saw, I think she liked it.    She looked “down” a couple times and her face lit up like a Christmas tree.  I know some like the thought of Claudia with Nik but I really like her better with Ric.  Claudia and Ric are very hot - I really like them together.  Sarah Brown really sparkles in those scenes with Rick Hearst.

Speaking of Ric, something confused me this week.   Wasn’t Ric on vacation with his daughter?  Where was Molly while daddy was with the lady who used to be on OLTL?
This is why Scott will always be one of my favorites.  Scott to Claudia after her threat to retaliate - "What are you gonna do, put a horse head in my bed?”   But, can anyone say “conflict of interest?”  How can Scott, the father of the victim, prosecute Johnny for murder?
Johnny was so believable this week.  He was gentle and loving - the perfect boyfriend. Especially the way he tried to calm Lulu down and comfort her.  This Johnny is a far cry from the psycho who picked Lulu up when she was hitchhiking.  

Lucky on the other hand was too busy blaming Johnny to take care of his sister.  I don’t get Lucky at all.  He gets all over Johnny for causing Lulu’s mental breakdown but he has yet to confront Jerry for taking most of his family hostage.  Then Lucky did the unthinkable – he topped his own stupidity.   Lucky to Sam "Jerry Jacks is not the focus of our investigation, drug dealers are."  Huh?  Isn't Jerry one of the "drug dealers, Luckster?????

Laura finally had her much-anticipated awakening.  No emotion from me when Lulu was talking to her and we couldn't see Laura's face, sorry.  Then - a huge chill came from out of nowhere - and finally we saw her face and heard her voice - "It's gonna be alright, mama's here."  The way Laura came to life, slowly – it was brilliant.  Nobody does brilliant like Genie Francis.  I’m still not convinced Laura’s awakening is real but I’ll take it.  Pass the tissue.   If this is real, why hasn’t Laura's guardian (Nik) been alerted?  By law, don't they have to keep Nik informed if Laura wakes up? 
Someone needs to put a leash on Nadine.  Why is she running around telling people that Matt is involved in the counterfeit drugs?  Nadine stepped over the line by belittling Matt in front of his coworkers.  Then she insulted his medical knowledge in the middle of Spinelli’s operation.  It’s getting out of hand.  Does it occur to Nadine that she may be wrong?  Has she considered that Matt may be working undercover?
I sure do love, love, love Nikolas.  Nik to Alexis -  "Given the array of criminal behavior you're willing to overlook with Jerry Jacks," back the hell off Claudia for lurking around in your office.
There was finally a mention of Robert and his illness this week.  Finally.  So Robin says Robert doesn't want Anna to know what's going on with him.  I'm not clear yet if Mac is in the know about Robert.  I don't think he is.  So what was cuter – Mac hesitating about “talking up” Patrick or Patrick’s dopey smile?  I like Patrick so much lately.  What the heck is wrong with Robin?  Here she has a sweet, and handsome doctor who wants to marry her and she keeps turning the guy down. 

I'm not a Leyla fan but I thought she looked stunning in Spinelli's daydream. 
Ok well the big news for Friday was the Liason kiss, which was very nice.  And it's about time.  But why was Jason dressed in a suit?
Anthony makes me laugh out loud.  I know I’m not the only one who found it funny when he said this to Johnny and Claudia -  “My precious children, blood of my blood. You know that daddy-waddy always knows when the kiddie-biddies are upset. So tell popsy-wopsy what's got you so worried?”  Anthony is one of the funniest psychos on daytime television.

I finally figured out where I've seen Sasha (the Slavic Seductress) before.  She used to go by the name "Natasha" on the "Bullwinkle" show and she hung out with “Boris.”