General Hospital Check Up Week of August 24, 2009

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Nikolas shows his dark side & the 36th Daytime Emmy Awards are finally here!

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, General Hospital)I'm confused. Nikolas kissed Elizabeth Monday and looked at her like she was the ice cream and he was the spoon. Then he headed to Rebecca and said they should try again?? Is he playing her? Clearly Nik has a plan and I don't think it's gonna have a happy ending for Rebecca. He's become very dark and almost scary around Rebecca. I'm sorry to say this but Nikolas HAS become a Cassadine. That's not a GOOD thing either. It usually means the victim (Rebecca in this case) will end up dead.

Ok first I listened to Jason and Sam discuss their past then my eyes started to bleed when Jason initiated the kiss and it went from bad to worse. As a Liason lover, it wasn't easy to watch. Here's the thing - why would Jason go there with Sam after everything she did? After the truth about Jake came out, Jason loathed Sam. I think he considered killing her. Jason used to look at Sam with such hatred in his eyes. He went from loving Sam to hating her and now he's suddenly forgiven her and they are soul mates? Realistically speaking, it just doesn't make sense.

At least we got Dante/Dominic and Morgan this week. Bonding over the New York Yankees with Sonny was very nice. And what about Mike and his auction purchase of a seat from Yankee Stadium? Let's not forget that Dante is Mike's grandson. They all share a love of the New York Yankees. That's a beautiful thing.

Dominic Zamprogna (Dante/Dominic, General Hospital)It feels like Dante/Dominic is almost a father figure to Morgan. Probably because Dante/Dominic didn't have a father and he's drawn to Morgan for obvious reasons. I really, really enjoy their interactions.

I had to chuckle when Dante/Dominic ran to Olivia and told her Sonny promised to work things out with Claudia. I guess he thought that would be enough to make ma leave town. Such a typical "busy body" move from an only son. If you're the mother of a son, you know what I mean. And he reminds me so much of Sonny! I see it in his looks and his actions and his attitude. Always trying to tell people what to do and how to do it. He pretends to be so rough and tough but inside he's a very sensitive guy. And that arrogance - can we talk? I love Dante/Dominic but clearly this apple didn't fall far from Sonny's tree.

Sweet little Molly doesn't seem to see through Kiefer. That strikes me as odd, considering how intelligent she is. Morgan has Kiefer's number and so do Sonny and Carly. What a pompous, arrogant, jackass Kiefer is. Not to mention he's an abusive boyfriend.

Johnny really has washed his hands of Claudia, I think. It's nice to see his human side. He genuinely feels bad about what happened to Michael. And Johnny is really worried that Jerry hurt Michael and Kristina. I feel for Claudia though. She lost her baby and now she's lost Johnny. The big question is what will Claudia do now that she knows the truth about Kristina causing the accident? Since she has nothing to lose, I don't think Claudia will show Kristina any mercy.

The 36th Daytime Emmys came and went - I hope you all had a chance to watch. The men looked dashing and the women looked gorgeous. It was nice to see Sesame Street win the "Lifetime Achievement Award." Who among us wasn't singing those songs right along with those cast members? I know I was singing. The Feed The Children video with Tony Geary, Susan Lucci, Montel Williams, and Kelly Monaco in Africa was very touching. Tony's tears brought tears to my own eyes. And of course, I can't forget to mention how much I enjoyed seeing Gilles Marini dance. Congratulations to General Hospital for winning the Emmy for "Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team." Also to Julie Berman for winning the Emmy for "Outstanding Younger Actress." Congratulations to all the winners and nominees. Stay tuned for lots more Emmy info from our own Queen Ruler, Linda Marshall-Smith.