General Hospital Check Up Week of August 22, 2011

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Michael stands by his father

Chad Duell (Michael, GH)Michael certainly has blinders on where Sonny is concerned. Abby on the other hand doesn’t. She sees Sonny for who he is. I think Abby’s main concern is to protect Michael. Michael trusts Sonny blindly. Abby sees through Sonny and his lies. And Abby is right about Michael – he’s blindly loyal to Sonny. Abby could be seen as a threat to Sonny, that’s for sure. How can Michael not understand that Sonny is responsible for Jax’s ‘death?’ Is Michael just

supporting his dad or does he really see nothing that connects Sonny with Jax’s ‘death?’

Sonny is heading for a breakdown. Carly is right. Too bad Michael can’t see things so clearly. It seems like Michael wants to take advantage of Sonny’s current state of mind. Maybe Michael thinks he can just step up and take control. With Sonny teetering on a breakdown and Jason under the knife, what’s to stop Michael?

Bruce Weitz (Anthony, GH)I never tire of watching Brandon Barash (Johnny) and Bruce Weitz (Anthony). Just watching them makes me laugh. They don’t have to speak – just the body language between them is funny.

Who would have thought Anthony is a romantic at heart? He wanted to off Siobhan so Lucky and Elizabeth can be together? That’s not only poetic, it’s comical in a very sick way. But it was unexpected to see Siobhan die – wasn’t Erin Chambers just put on contract?

Steve was out of line accusing Elizabeth of killing Siobhan. Doesn’t he know her better than that? Siobhan had a vile side but she certainly didn’t deserve what she got. And I can’t imagine Elizabeth ever intentionally hurting another person.

It seems like Shawn and Carly are growing closer since the ‘death’ of Jax. I have to wonder if he’s got an ulterior motive. I hope he doesn’t, but you never know. I can totally see Carly submitting to Shawn any minute now. And who can blame her?