General Hospital Check Up Week of August 19, 2013

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Spinelli learns the truth about Maxie's baby

Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH)Spinelli learned the truth about Maxie’s baby but will he takes things up with Lulu and Dante? Clearly Spinelli embraced the idea of fatherhood. And on Friday, Maxie seemed quite determined to be her child’s mother. So who will break the news to Dante and Lulu, ultimately breaking their hearts? And speaking of hearts, what will this mean for the future of Spinelli and Ellie? Is a Spinelli/Maxie reunion in the cards now?

So Laura was in that secret room in the Alden mansion. That was a bit of a surprise. And it was kind of funny that Laura got to Corinth first. Even funnier – she made a point of telling Luke that. But Laura confirmed some exciting news – Jerry Jacks is indeed alive! It was kind of a surprise that Jerry let Laura live. Perhaps he has a heart after all? But where and when will we actually see Jerry – that’s the question.

Did AJ shoot Connie? We didn’t actually see AJ pull the trigger but he certainly is capable of such a thing. The question is – will Connie live long enough to tell Sonny about Julian? The bigger question is will Connie survive the gun shot or will this be the avenue of exit for the character?

Speaking of Julian, he certainly put the pieces together quickly. Julian now knows that he’s Sam’s biological father and Danny’s grandfather. Interesting that Julian is the only bone marrow match for the little one. But why doesn’t Alexis recognize him just a little bit? There has to be some element of familiarity about Julian. It seems a bit odd. Perhaps if Alexis went in for another session with Kevin – then she may put two and two together.

Dominic Rains (ex Leo, GH/GHNS)In actor news, Soap Opera Digest confirmed that Kim McCullough will return as the beloved Robin Scorpio-Drake in the fall. Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and Brandon Barash (ex Johnny) recently told they are not only married but expecting a child in January. Finally, ‘General Hospital Night Shift’ alum Ethan Rains (Dr. Leo Julian) is currently raising funds for a new short film ‘Still Here.’ The film is Raines’ directorial debut. His brother Dominic (ex Dr. Leo Julian, ‘General Hospital/General Hospital Night Shift’) will star in the film along with veteran actor Alan Rosenberg. To learn more about ‘Still Here,’ click this link.