General Hospital Check Up - Week of August 18, 2014

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Laura Wright (Carly, General Hospital) (c) ABCCarly and Sonny revisit their past

Ok, so I've never been a fan of Carly and Sonny together. I don't get it honestly. Carly cheated on Jax with Sonny and she cheated on Franco with Sonny. What's the big draw to this man? He's unstable, violent, controlling, and a criminal. Yes, Sonny is handsome, smart, wealthy, and interesting. But in this case, I think the bad outweighs the good. Sonny truly brings out the worst in Carly. If only Carly could resist what is apparently irresistible.

Just a little side note – Carly was a cheater long before Sonny. Back when Michael was conceived, Carly didn't know who the father was. She cheated on then boyfriend Tony Jones with AJ.

As for Sonny, he really has no idea what (or should I say who) he wants. Think about it – Sonny was head over heels with Brenda, not so long ago. When that relationship ended, Sonny went back to Connie. Once again Sonny was with the love of his life. After Connie died, Sonny was suddenly in love with Olivia. He loved Olivia so much that he cheated on her with Ava. Now, as broken up as Sonny is over loving Olivia, he's now chasing after Carly.

I guess the question is, does Sonny have feelings for Carly? Does he really? Or is Sonny just playing games? Is he just trying to one up Franco?

Speaking of Franco, doesn't he really belong with Nina? They seem to be made for each other. And they clearly have bonded. I think at some point, Franco and Nina will end up together. What a happy, crazy, blissful couple they would make.

I knew the supposed Immigration agent was a fake. What I don't understand is why Mac and Nathan didn't investigate him. And why didn't someone run a background check on Levi? Since Levi was arrested, his finger prints would be on record. If Levi is such a wanted criminal, why didn't anyone know about it? Whatever happens, I'll be glad to see Levi go.

Nikolas needs to get his head on straight. He needs to choose either Elizabeth or Britt. It seems like Nikolas is torn between the both of them. I find that curious, considering how different Britt and Liz are. I think it's all about how different Britt and Liz are. Nikolas is attracted to the sweetness that is Liz and the sexy schemer Britt is. Both women have qualities that appeal to the prince. But he needs to make a choice – once and for all.

In actor news, former cast member Nathin Butler (ex Ewen) and his wife are the proud parents of son Jetson Kerry Butler. Viewers in San Antonio, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston and Raleigh-Durham are in for a small change. Starting September 8, "General Hospital" will air at 3pm EST and 2pm PST.