General Hospital Check Up - Week Of August 18, 2008

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Scrubs take an unexpected turn and Looo Looo is committed


Jason Thompson (Patrick, General Hospital)I liked the interaction between Scott and Claudia this week.  They could make an interesting pair.  Claudia has some great, funny lines lately.  “Okay, well, why don't you strip-search me, but make it fast, 'cause I'm going in to see my brother,” she taunted Scott at the PCPD.  I love Scott but I felt satisfied when Claudia slapped him.  He’s had it coming for a while.  Even better were the Claudia and Lucky interactions.  That was some tension on Claudia’s part when she was with Lucky in the interrogation room.  It seems like Claudia is attracted to Lucky.  Claudia looked like she wanted to thrown Lucky on the desk and take advantage of him.

Poor Lulu.  She is one screwed up mess.  Mama can’t get here soon enough.  And where the heck is Luke?  Good think Lulu has Nikolas.  The sibling vibe is really great between those two.  I did like some of the moments with Lucky and Lulu.  There’s a lot of warmth between them.  However, I like the sibling dynamic between Nik and Lulu better. 

The Johnny and Lulu story still isn’t affecting my emotions much.  When Johnny was arrested and Lulu was screaming and then sedated, the only thing that saved it for me was Nikolas.   The whole thing with the straight jacket and the sedative – you could feel Nik’s pain.  It seems like Lulu has reverted to a little girl again and Nik is playing the role of her father.

How is it that Jason could pretend to be Lulu’s brother and check her out of the hospital?  They didn’t make him prove he was a relative before they let him just take a patient on a field trip?  They just let a supposed mental patient choose to leave with her “brother?”  Doesn’t anyone in that hospital know who he is?  They must not watch television much or look at a newspaper.

Jason really is such a marshmallow.  He took pity on poor Lulu and drove her to visit Johnny.  He got Claudia to back off so the lovebirds could have their visit.  And he stopped Lucky from interfering.  He’s very understanding, sweet and sympathetic for someone who’s supposedly so “stone cold.”  

Scott was such a bully with Lulu.  He needed more than a slap on the face that time.  Sonny came to Lulu’s rescue sort of like a father would.  Like a father should. Again, I have to ask – where is Luke Spencer?  Scott brought up the history with Sonny and Karen.  That’s some good history.

Sonny related to Lulu like no other person could.  He understands mental illness first hand.  He’s also a father to a young girl.  I’m not sure how realistic Sonny was about his own life but he very genuinely reached out to Lulu.  The best part was the way Sonny sat down on the floor with her.  I wonder though – why isn’t Carly there for Lulu?  What about Spinelli?  The girl’s been committed and her visitors are Sonny and Maxie?  Sonny swallowed his pride and went to see Johnny about Lulu, which was surprisingly nice. 
I love Matt - the sarcasm is even better than it is with Nikolas.

Carly was back to begging Jax again.  At least this time she seemed to wise up and leave without being told.  She still kind of scares me with Karpov.  I’m not sure even Carly can handle this man.

Nikolas manhandled tiny little Nadine this week.  I still can’t tell if he’s attracted to her or annoyed by her.  Poor Nik is so confused about Nadine he confided in Laura?  Then he did a complete turn around and apologized to Nadine with a romantic dinner.  I don’t like confused Nik.  I like dark and sarcastic Nik so much better.  Why was he all googely eyed over Nadine all of a sudden?  Did Jerry poison him again or what?
Ok - I'm confused.  Anna came back this week. I had no idea she was gone. Does she know Robert is sick?  Robin told her the baby is a girl, did she mention anything about Robert?  Why?  Does Mac know his brother is sick?  Mac was present for the Scrubs proposal.  He was his usually witty and sarcastic self. 
Anthony makes me laugh, even when he doesn’t try to.  “Do you really want to play chicken with a psycho bastard like me?” he asked Alexis.  Then he started stalking Liz at the hospital.  Maybe he's finally bored with Alexis too.

I had to laugh at the look on Jason's face when Karpov’s lawyer (the “Slavic Seductress”) took off her top.  Talk about uninterested.  Why didn’t Spinelli believe Jason when he denied any involvement with Sasha?  Also, isn’t Sasha more Jerry’s type of woman?

I was bugged at one point this week when the only people on the screen were Karpov and his lawyer.  I don’t care about them enough not to have a core character along for the ride.

Even if you don’t love Scrubs, you must admit there’s a cute factor.  Patrick is adorable.  The faces he makes remind me of a little boy.  Poor Patrick laid his heart on the table Friday and Robin broke it.  Why in the world did she turn his proposal down?  Why did Robin go sit in the park, alone at night?

How does Johnny get to receive a phone call when he’s in the interrogation room?  Is that common practice?  It seemed like a bit of a reach.

So Jerry finally surfaced this week.  I think he had five or six lines one day and two or three the next.  Then he ate an apple.  What a waste of a good character.

Next week Genie Francis returns.  Mama’s back, or is she?