General Hospital Check Up Week of August 17, 2009

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Jax learns Olivia's secret

Ingo Rademacher (Jax, General Hospital)Ok, how is it Alexis' children keep sneaking out of the house and nobody notices? Time to fire the nanny if you ask me. But I have to say, Nikolas and Molly together - what a great team they make. Molly is this little girl going on 35 and she seems to bring out some zest in Nikolas. It's funny because it's like watching two adults interacting. I especially like how Nikolas talks with Molly as if she's

his equal. Molly reminds me a lot of Nikolas. She's spunky and intelligent and she has a way with words. I like the cousins together. I like them a lot.

I stand corrected. Nikolas and Elizabeth together - wow! I saw some great potential there this past week. My first choice for Liz is Jason. But Nikolas is definitely in the running. I think there's a little something there and I think it's real. They shared another one of those "looks" on the porch. Lucky and the kids better hurry back with that cake and ice cream.

I love Olivia. That being said, I don't understand why she's personally involved with Johnny Z. Isn't Johnny a bad choice for her, given her past (and present) with Sonny? It feels like Olivia will get in too deep with Johnny. If she isn't already there.

Poor Dante/Dominic can't catch a break with the ladies in Port Charles. He seems to like Lulu but she's being cautious. That and her brothers beat the heck out of Dante/Dominic. Then he sort of "scored" with Rebecca. Too bad she passed out on the bed before they got anyplace.

I'm not a huge fan of Rebecca but I give her credit for fessing up to the Q's. She also gets props for intending to tell Nikolas the truth. Rebecca could have simply left town but instead she owned up to her mistakes. I'm glad Edward and Monica don't harbor any ill feelings toward Rebecca. Nikolas - well that's a whole different thing.

Jax learned Olivia had Sonny's baby way back when. It's nice to see Olivia comfortable enough with Jax to confide in him. Not that she had much choice, given he overheard her talking with Kate. I kind of think Carly has some suspicions about Dante/Dominic as well. There's something about the way she looks at him when he interacts with Morgan. I can't put my finger on it and either can Carly. But clearly Jax realized Dante/Dominic is Olivia and Sonny's son. There was something about the look on Jax's face when he saw everyone together at Kelly's. It was as if a light bulb went off when Jax watched Olivia with Dante/Dominic. I'm betting Jax figured it out right then and there.

Rick Springfield (Noah/Eli, General Hospital)Last but certainly not least - happy 60th birthday Rick Springfield!!! How is it possible that the gorgeous Rick is 60?! We've all loved Rick as Dr. Noah Drake on GH. I myself have been a fan of Rick's music since the 80's and I've seen him live numerous times. Rick is still making music and touring. He's also getting ready for his "2nd Annual Rick Springfield and Friends Cruise" in November. This year, Rick's guests include Doug Davidson (Paul, Y&R), Brandon Barash (Johnny, GH), and musician, Richard Marx. For more details, visit Rick's official site