General Hospital Check Up Week of August 15, 2011

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Dante has Sonny's number

Dominic Zamprogna (Dante, GH)Why is it that Dante is the only one who understands how dangerous Sonny is? And suddenly Sonny is offended that Jax broke the law. Sonny is a freaking maniac and a hypocrite.

Let’s review – Sonny went to Robin’s house with a loaded gun, knowing there were young children there. Then poor Robin got shot, and Emma almost saw what happened. Even though she didn’t witness the shooting, Emma certainly understood what happened. This should be a

wakeup call for Robin. She needs to cut Sonny out of her life the same way Brenda did. I don’t see any remorse in Sonny. But I’m very surprised Patrick didn’t rip his head off.

I completely agree with Dante for arresting Sonny. Really, I believe Sonny should be committed. At the very least he should spend a large amount of time in jail. Thanks to Dante, that might just be the case, one of these days.

I loved this “You’re whole life is an abuse of power,” Dante to Sonny. Doesn’t that just sum up Sonny for all the years we’ve known him?

Side Bar – I love Maurice Benard (Sonny). He’s truly one of the best actors on daytime television.

Prior to Jax’s ‘accident,’ Carly was all for Sonny stopping Jax. Carly knows Sonny well enough to know he would go to extremes. But Carly went to Sonny for help anyway. Now she’s all angry and remorseful – another hypocritical move. But it was nice to see Carly finally call Sonny out on his outrageous behavior.

I’m thinking Diane and Mac may hook up. And what about Alexis and Coleman? Those could be some interesting pairings. Mac certainly needs a woman. I think Coleman is a bit broken hearted over his break up with Kate. And aren’t we all right there with him? For Alexis, Mac is the safe choice. But Coleman is most likely more to her liking.

Speaking of some potential pairings, here are a couple more for you to think about:

Ethan and Siobhan

Elizabeth and Matt

This week should be interesting – the ABC promo is asking an interesting question: ‘Who will Jason be?’ What do you think? Jason Morgan or Jason Quartermaine?