General Hospital Check Up Week of August 13, 2012

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Sam & Jason part & Jerry’s plan rages on

Kelly Monaco (Sam, GH)It’s so hard to listen to Sam go on and on about being unable to forgive Jason. I guess Sam forgot about the time when she watched Jake get kidnapped. Funny how Jason forgave her – and that was pretty unforgivable. Yes, what Jason did to John Mc was wrong. And yes, it contributed to Sam losing her child. But was it worse than what Sam did to young Jake? Not so much.

What in the world is Jerry up to? He’s clearly ill. Can that be the reason for taking Robin? Perhaps Jerry contracted some serious illness and he needs Robin to find a cure.

That being said, it’s obvious that Jerry has something big in mind. I think it all revolves around Jerry’s health issue. What bothers me is the way Jerry is taking Joss’ life in his hands. This little girl isn’t the picture of health. So the question is – why did Jerry take Joss’ life into his hands? Answer – he didn’t. He protected them from whatever is to come. Jerry did what he did so Joss and Alexis won’t be infected with whatever he’s unleashing on the unsuspecting people of PC.

Here’s one of my many problems with Jerry’s scheme. Leaving Carly unprotected will make Joss a motherless child. And as for Alexis – will her daughters be infected? More than likely. I can see Jerry killing Sam, but not Molly and Kristina.

It seems like someone would connect the dots by now. The only connection between Joss and Alexis is Jerry. Jason or Carly should figure it out soon.   Also, everyone knows that Jerry hid out at Wyndemere at one time. So when will someone figure all this out?

Poor Ewen just isn’t the typical ‘bad boy.’ He’s clearly affected by Jerry’s devious scheme. Ewen is a good man in a bad situation. He’s so nervous and guilty. How this guy sleeps at night is beyond me.

Speaking of Ewen, how did he manage to get into Carly’s house undetected? Doesn’t she have an alarm system? Given the life Carly has lived, I would expect an alarm at the very least. I guard would make more sense.

That being said, Jason knows Ewen is hiding something. He’s sure to tell Elizabeth the suspicions. Jason has no problem sharing what’s on his mind, so, that in itself could bring Jason and Elizabeth closer together. Jason won’t let up on Ewen until he learns the truth. But, if Jason plays it wrong, he could drive Elizabeth right into Ewen’s arms.

So Sam and Jason are divorcing (yay). And Ewen is a baddie. So it stands to reason that Jason and Elizabeth could possibly reunite. Jason sure didn’t waste time telling Elizabeth of his status. And Sam showing up at the ER with Alexis (and John in tow) spoke volumes. Sam can say what she will, but it appears that she’s over Jason.

In actor news, watch for the return of Ingo Rademacher (Jax) this week. Kirsten Storms also returns soon as Maxie Jones.