General Hospital Check Up Week of August 12, 2013

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Luke and Holly head to Corinth

Tony Geary (Luke, GH)So Holly and Luke are in Corinth Pennsylvania? The city of one of ABC’s best soap – Loving. Holly and Luke even had a chat about the infamous ‘Loving murders’ committed by Gwyneth Alden all those years ago.

And it appears Robin is or was there at the Alden mansion (the setting for so many episodes of Loving). Even better, Jerry could possibly be in Corinth too. The only thing better than Jerry’s possible return, is the history of Loving being incorporated into the story. I still believe Jerry is using Robin’s medical knowledge to get himself better.

Do we dare believe that Holly and Luke may stumble upon Robin and bring her back home? Just in time for Patrick’s romance with Sabrina. And let’s not forget the new baby.

That being said, wasn’t Luke’s interaction with Dr. Crazy (Obrecht) just too funny? She could easily replace Helena as Luke’s funny but deadly worst enemy. But did the bad doctor speak the truth? Is Jerry really dead. He couldn’t have used up the last of his nine lives already. All of this begs the question – who or what did Luke see when he went into that room?

Thanks to Spinelli and Felix, Anna finally put the pieces together on Britt’s mother – the evil Dr. Obrecht. Things are getting interesting, that’s for sure. Anna is so close to finding Robin but she doesn’t know it – yet.

Speaking of ‘The Brich’s’ mom, there was genuine fear on Britt’s face when she discovered that empty medicine bottle. Britt is actually afraid of her mom. Nothing surprises me with either of those crazy women. But Britt is normal compared to her mother. And she clearly wasn’t involved in Robin’s abduction. But Britt is far from innocent – as we all know.

Kevin and Mac are two of the most handsome men ever. But they are surprisingly ugly when dressed as women. Not that I didn’t enjoy the show they put on. But they really aren’t pretty women.

In actor news, ‘GH’ alum Brad Maule (ex Dr. Tony Jones) has a new CD out. ‘Miles and Miles of Texas’ can be purchased here.