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Home Shows General Hospital General Hospital Check Up General Hospital Check Up Week of August 11, 2008

General Hospital Check Up Week of August 11, 2008

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Jax comes back to town but not to Carly and Scrubs fans learn it’s a Girl!


Ingo Rademacher (Jax, General Hospital)This week’s funny award goes to Claudia.  I loved it when she told Anthony and Sonny to "zip" their "pants."  She really is funny and quick with the wit.  She very casually greeted Nik with “Hi, Batman.”  Nikolas really is Batman.  Then not to be outdone, Nik stood up to Anthony and told him, “I’ve been dealing with murdering sociopaths my entire life.”
Sonny is getting more delusional every week.  Is Sonny the only one surprised that Karpov is looking for revenge?  Lets review.  Sonny got into bed with a known criminal.  He’s shocked said criminal is dealing drugs so Sonny backs out of the deal.  Is it such a shock that Karpov is angry and wants revenge?  Sonny has isolated himself to the point of having nobody but Max and Mike to talk to.  He actually called Mike and asked him to come over and talk.  Poor Sonny.  He’s so desperate, he’s confiding in Mike?  Does Sonny even like Mike?   Sonny has no idea what a mess his life is.

I’m not getting with the Nikolas/Nadine pairing.  Nadine and Matt have more sparkle and much more promise.  Nadine hasn’t been around long enough to be paired with Nikolas.  Who is she anyway?  So far she’s just the sister of some crazy nurse from the Night Shift. 

Why is Carly involved in the whole Karpov mess?  Shouldn’t she be home taking care of her son?  Doesn’t it occur to Carly that her meddling could leave Morgan motherless?  Karpov really likes Carly – in a creepy, scary way.  He seems to really dislike Sam.

I like seeing Marty the Metro Court manager.  He was talking to “mom” when Carly confronted him.  When Carly reprimanded Marty for running to Jason, she was a little impressed with his decision.  It’s nice that Marty looks out for Carly.  It’s nice that he pays attention to what she does.  It’s a lot more than I can say for Jax.

Maxie and Carly have interesting conversations.  “Jason’s kind of a blockhead,” said Maxie to Carly.  I think that’s why Cody is such a good fit in the organization.  He’s kind of a blockhead too.   

Alexis is back.  Nikolas tried to confide in her about Lulu.  Alexis had the nerve to say Nik was putting her in a difficult situation.  Excuse me but doesn’t dating Jerry put you in a difficult situation too Alexis?  Jerry told Alexis flat out that Mr. Craig is alive and well and always will be.  He actually said, “Mr. Craig will always be with us, darling. Make no mistake, he's as dangerous as ever, sociopathic, brutal.”  And by the way, great nanny you have Alexis.  She sits on the phone a few feet from your daughter, as Anthony Z gets friendly?  What?  Does Viola not know what Anthony Z looks like or is she just plain stupid?  Maybe Alexis should hire Jerry as her nanny since she claims to feel so “safe” with him.  He could pull double duty – bodyguard and nanny. 

Jax is back and Carly is begging him for another chance.  Where the heck is your pride Carly?  Stop begging this man who clearly does not deserve you.  Go pay brother in law Jerry a visit.  He won’t make you beg for his love and affection.  I honestly don’t think Jax likes Carly anymore.  Carly is right.  Jax loves “the idea of marriage” but he doesn’t have what it takes to make it work.  Jax has no idea what the word commitment means.  Jerry said the same thing to Jax a while back.  Jax knows how to “get” married; he just doesn’t know how to “stay” married.  Remember Skye, Brenda, and Courtney?

Jax was so certain Carly was faking an injury that he left her alone.  He went to see Kate.  Carly begged him for an ice pack and Jax wouldn’t even get her one.  Did it occur to Jax that Carly might be telling the truth?  That she may possibly need medical attention?  Then Jax feels guilty and goes to check on Carly.  It’s all good until Kate interrupts, again.  After, we were we subjected to Carly’s trip down memory lane.  This man is bad for her and the sooner she realizes that, the better.

Speaking of Kate, the silver Judy Jetson outfit is finally gone. 

Why are Sam and Lucky in public together?  On the dock of all places?  Oh and way to blow your cover Lucky – by having a meltdown when Sam gets shot.

Scrubs are having a girl.  Their story is very cute and sweet.  So why was Matt so interested in the baby’s sex?  I still say he has a Drake connection.  He certainly likes to lurk.  He’s good at it too.

Matt and Spinelli are so funny together.  Spinelli calls Matt “Dr. Doom.” 

Why is Spinelli so hell bent on proving himself a “man of action?” To me a guy like Spinelli is way more appealing than a guy like Jason.  The stakeout wasn’t what Spinelli hoped it would be.  It did give us some great physical comedy though.  Jason threw Spinelli over his shoulder like a rag doll and hauled him to GH.  Poor Spinelli.

Jason and Liz stole a few looks this week.  I’m told that it’s called “eye sex.”  I had no idea.  They even had a good conversation.  Shocking as it was, Jason actually confided some secrets in Liz. 

Jason and Robin had a couple nice moments.  I never liked them as a couple but I enjoy them as friends.

Brandon B is getting in the zone with Johnny lately.  I still don't love this whole Johnny and Lulu story.  But Brandon has been very impressive lately.  Damn that Scott - how did he find out where they were?  I guess I should be happy for this whole story because in the end it brings Laura back to the canvas.

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