General Hospital Check Up week of August 10, 2009

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Jerry has the upper hand

Sebastian Roche (Jerry, General Hospital)I'm sorry to say the interaction between Liz and Nikolas did nothing for me. The only thing I noticed was a "look" when he left her there at Kelly's. If they put Nikolas with Liz, I certainly hope they revert him back to his sarcastic and funny self - the way he was with Nadine. I don't enjoy the serious, uptight Nikolas that was with Emily and he's the same way with Rebecca.

I was much more entertained by Jerry's torment of Sam. Why is Sam still clueless as to just how

dangerous Jerry is? Jerry could care less that Kristina and Sam are Alexis' daughters and Michael is Jax's stepson. He'd kill them without any remorse or hesitation if it were necessary. I think my favorite thing about Jerry is his sarcasm and dry wit. That comment about Sam having "Jasey Jase" on speed dial being "serendipitous." And upon climbing out from the rubble and dusting himself off, Jerry said, " Oh bloody hell, I'm in a new suit." Then he looked at Jason and said with his crazy laugh, " Well Jason, you looked crushed." Come on - the psychotic man is FUNNY.

Yes, Jerry shot Jason twice, then left him for dead. But it seems Jerry forgot Jason isn't so easy to get rid of. Like Jerry, Jason has used us his nine lives many times over. We all know Jason will come out of this adventure alive and well. Great for us, but not so great for Jerry I fear. I wonder though, why didn't Jerry give up Claudia? Does Jerry have a soft spot for Claudia or is there some other, hidden motive? Most likely it's the latter.

But how great it was to have Jerry back - even for a short time. I haven't seen him in this mode since he took Sam hostage on the boat. And of course during the Metro Court takeover. I think it's a gift when an actor can make a character as evil as Jerry so appealing. Sebastian Roche definitely has that gift. Everything from Jerry was so entertaining and so funny. And we still haven't seen the last of him.

Good for Michael - he got himself and Kristina away from Jerry. If it were up to Kristina, they would have stayed with Jerry until he did away with them. And I do believe Jerry would have killed them once they were no longer useful to him. It was nice to see Michael take charge, think logically, and look out for his younger sister.

I've never been a huge fan of Alexis but I have to say I loved her with Molly on Monday. Alexis felt the hurt when Molly said the kids used to tease her but now don't talk to her because of her mom. And then Alexis said, "Oh. That's worse. I'll talk to you." Heartbreaking, believable, and something I would and have said to my own child when kids were mean to him. I really bought the mother/daughter connection between those two. I think that was in large part due to the talent of Nancy Lee Grahn and Haley Pullos. They are simply terrific together. I like the fact that Molly just puts her feelings out there. She doesn't pretend to be someone she isn't. I was only bothered by Molly asking about her fate if Alexis is found guilty. Why was Ric's name not brought into the conversation? Wouldn't he jump in and care for Molly if something happened to Alexis. Or is Molly's relationship with Ric estranged?

I can't say this enough - I can totally buy the brother relationship between Dante/Dominic and Morgan. I love them together. Oh brother - these two have no idea. Carly has a total soft spot for Dante/Dominic and I don't think it will be too much longer before Olivia tells her the truth. Who else but a big brother is the answer to a bully like Kiefer? I really wanted them to go see the Yankees together too. It's so obvious Dante/Dominic has soft spot for Morgan and for Carly. On the other hand, I have to give it to Jax for stepping up and being protective of Morgan. The White Knight - our hero.

I really like Ronnie Marmo and the fact that Ronnie and Olivia have history. I love, love, love Olivia as the protective Italian mother you just don't wanna cross. Ronnie's a tiny bit intimidated by Olivia too. They do need to find a better meeting place than the laundromat though. I think my favorite moment was when Olivia snatched the jeans out of Ronnie's hand and said, "how old are you?" as she showed him how to properly fold them. Very funny. And very Olivia.

It seems Nikolas is going to cross over to the dark side. He is, after all, a Cassadine. Remember the mayhem his father and grandfather caused in the past? And lets not forget his grandmother's wrath. Lucky said Nik "dropped below freezing and turned into a Cassadine." That can't end well. I can't believe I'm saying this but poor Rebecca. I think she's in for big trouble, Cassadine style.