General Hospital Check Up Week of August 1, 2011

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Lucky's luck runs out

Jonathan Jackson (Lucky, GH)Clearly Lucky bit off more than he can chew. Having loved people who were once addicted, it was very difficult to watch what happened to Lucky. We all saw it coming – all of us aside from Lucky, that is. An addict needs to stay as far away from that live as possible – there’s just no way around it.

The good thing about this story? It truly shows what a brilliant actor Daytime Emmy winner Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) is. This young man is

superb and very believable as a strung out Lucky. It’s unnerving watching little Jonathan Jackson all grown up and playing an addict.

Is it me or are Elizabeth and Matt kind of cute together? That being said, it’s always nice to see the Liz/Lucky connection. As much as I love Elizabeth with Jason, I also like her with Lucky.

Sonny continues to be such a jackass. Asking Robin to ‘choose’ between him and Jax was just ridiculous. Sonny will obviously never change. The world revolves around him and things must be done to please him. And now Sonny isn’t taking his meds and he’s drinking. This is not a good sign. Olivia seems to be the only adult who sees the forest through the trees with Sonny. She knows what he’s capable of and she sees the warning signs.

It’s no big surprise that Sonny is back in bully mode. He’s good at that role and he clearly enjoys it. Funny how Sonny always has someone else do his dirty work. Not that I’m complaining – without Sonny’s cowardly/bully behavior, there would be much less Max and Milo.

Shawn simply rocks. I love his protective nature as it relates to Carly. We all need a Shawn at one point in our lives. I still believe Shawn has a vested and personal interest in Carly. Yes, he wants to keep her safe. But, I think he’s got some feelings in there too. The two are very much alike – stubborn, secure, crazy devoted to those they care about. And how cute was he with Joss? If they take it very slow, Carly and Shawn could prove to be an interesting couple.