General Hospital Check Up Week of April 9, 2012

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Heather returns to stir things up –

Lisa LoCicero (Olivia, GH)Heather doesn’t look old enough to be Steve’s mom. And it was a little disturbing to see him wrapped in a towel in front of his mother. Seems like Heather may have some inappropriate feelings about her handsome son. She also has some unfinished business with Luke. Everyone better watch their backs.

It’s safe to say Heather and Olivia don’t care for each other. It’s a bit disturbing, given Heather’s past. I can’t help wondering if Heather will find a way to get rid of Olivia. Hopefully this won’t be the eventual end of our Olivia. Given her history, it just seems that Heather will never change and this will come to light when someone dies.

Is Sam stupid enough to keep the Franco info from Jason? Did she learn her lesson when Robin died? Imagine the end result if Sam doesn’t come clean about Franco being Jason’s twin. If you ask me, Sam should tell Jason the truth now. Instead, she’s having John get DNA proof of her baby’s paternity. Why does that matter? Franco was Jason’s twin either way and Jason should be told. And if Jason is the baby’s father, will Sam still tell the truth about Franco?

Perhaps Heather will beat Sam to the punch. Sam made a big mistake making that enemy. And it won’t take Heather long to figure things out and use her info against Sam.

Funny how Carly said ‘Kate isn’t a real person and doesn’t exist.’ Carly isn’t a real person either. She’s really ‘Caroline Benson,’ a person who changed her name and came to town to destroy her birth mother. So are Carly and Kate really that different? Not so much.

In other news, ‘General Hospital’ has been renewed for another year while ‘The Revolution’ has been axed. ‘The Revolution’ replaced ‘One Life to Live’ after its cancellation.